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One of those days

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Newbabies15 Tue 24-Jul-18 20:46:54

Hi everyone. Ive had one of those days. My babies are 5 months and twin parenting is so full on sometimes I feel I cant breathe/need headspace. sigh

Sorry I can't help much but I do understand. Mine are 2 years old so I can tell you that it does get easier, but is still more exhausting than looking after a single baby/toddler.

Think ahead a little. It won't be long before you can start weaning, then soon after that they'll start feeding themselves. That was a big breakthrough for me because I could sit down and eat while they were eating.

Soon after that they'll be able to stand and walk a bit, so you don't have to carry them absolutely everywhere (even being able to stand them on the floor while you open doors and things is a relief!).

Once they start properly walking, get a set of reins and make them walk a lot, then they'll start sleeping better. Life is always better when you sleep well. We're working on this stage at the moment, but I'm hopeful!

Good luck, and I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Newbabies15 Tue 24-Jul-18 21:01:00

Thank you - made me cry.
Everyone says it just gets harder confused thanks guys!

Reiltin Tue 24-Jul-18 21:08:24

Mine are 2.5wo and I really don’t want it to be harder than this 😞 Also have two older kids and dreading my wife going back to

ATwinThing Tue 24-Jul-18 21:14:25

Hugs. Mine are 14 months and I absolutely promise it gets easier. Having said that, I've only just admitted to myself/others that twin parenting is hard and it's been a revelation to actually say it.
Don't know where you are but PM me if you like - if we happen to be anywhere near I'd be up for a twin x

ATwinThing Tue 24-Jul-18 21:19:55

Twin meet up even!!

ClareB83 Wed 25-Jul-18 07:51:59

Mine are 12 weeks (7 corrected) and Aida keep waiting for it to get better. It did briefly for a week and then it went supremely downhill again. So drained and it's not just the sleep it's the emotion.

Newbabies15 Sat 28-Jul-18 10:53:33

It got less intense for us after 3 months. I know what you mean with the emotion. brew

ScrunchyBook Sat 28-Jul-18 11:29:51

Mine are nearly 2 and it definitely gets easier! Sure it's still hard work, but it gets less relentless in my experience, both mentally and physically.

I found under 12 months quite a struggle. My best friend had a singleton around the same time and it used to upset me seeing her taking her little one to lots of classes/swimming etc and I just couldn't manage to do that for my two.

They started sleeping better in stages, my DD was ok at 9 months, DS ok at 12 months. From 18 months they have been consistently sleeping through.

Everything OnlyHereForTheFeminists said too

Sharpcattlegridheavyhat Sat 04-Aug-18 06:53:39

How are you feeling today Newbabies15 ? I hadn’t checked the multiples board for a bit and your post made me so sad for you because I remember I was just the same. It feels like it’s going to be like this forever, but mine are nearly two and I can’t quite believe it. You’ll be just SO proud of yourself when they get to 6 months, a year, 18 months. Tick off each stage mentally by telling yourself how well you’re doing and how you’re past such a challenging chunk of time. It’s hard still, but I find having twins so funny and they’re always going to have each other and you- how lucky is that?

Always here for a chat if you need it. Sorry if my post comes off patronising or anything, I find having twins a very emotional thing and probably sound like a dickhead grin

Newbabies15 Sun 05-Aug-18 21:08:02

Thank you and you do not sound patronising!
I'm a lot better thank you. Just need to lean back instead of try and push forward. Always do what feels softer. smile

flopsyrabbit1 Wed 08-Aug-18 20:37:18

i found it easier once they were walking strangley enough

keep going and vent when ever you need to

WickerHippo Wed 08-Aug-18 20:40:42

Hi, I’ve got 3 year old twins, who will be 4 in February. And it gets a lot easier! They’ve become less dependent on me and can go and play with their brother instead of consistently needing me to occupy them. I can actually enjoy my time with now.

flopsyrabbit1 Wed 08-Aug-18 21:10:35

wait till their 19 it's seriously fabgrin

Newbabies15 Sat 11-Aug-18 09:51:03

Thank you so much everyone so supportive.


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