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Leaving the house with toddler twins!

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tanyadixey2 Sat 30-Jun-18 18:32:15

Help! I'm scared to leave the house on my own with my toddler twins! They're fine in their pram for a little while then they start wanting to get out and there's no way I can have them both out and push a pram. Feel like I'm going to be housebound until they start to walk where I tell them to sad

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ClareB83 Sat 30-Jun-18 18:36:47

Reins? I know they're not super popular these days but my mum used them with me and I kept all my teeth!

Millyflower Sat 30-Jun-18 18:39:33

I had Toddler twins and another child 17 months older. Little life backpacks were fab. They each carried a drink, snack, nappy and a little pack of wipes. We did lots of little walks to practice. On the first day I think we walk about 20m and back. It gets easier.

PotteringAlong Sat 30-Jun-18 18:40:22


Sharpcattlegridheavyhat Sun 01-Jul-18 21:52:21

I feel your pain. Yesterday we went out with ours and both went in opposite directions, sat down next to strangers and tried to steal their sausage rolls. It took about 20 minutes of chasing and apologies before we gave up and went home, and that was with DH being there too! We thought we were on safe ground as our DS 3.5 wasn’t there but it seems going out anywhere public is still impossible. Did that help? Sorry...

Sharpcattlegridheavyhat Sun 01-Jul-18 21:54:24

Also I recently posted asking if reins worked on twins and everyone said ‘nooooooo!’ ARGH

Taytotots Mon 02-Jul-18 01:46:27

I think I might have been one of those saying nooooo to reins on your last thread. Didn't work for us but you could always try some and see. The best solution for us was finding fenced in areas where they could run free safely. Also the signposting technique where you tell them they can run to that lamppost then stop etc - this did take a bit of practice and I had a kindly old lady ask if I wanted help once as I was chasing them up and down pavement in frazzled manner! If they didn't obey it was straight back in buggy so they did get it eventually.

unintentionalthreadkiller Tue 03-Jul-18 10:18:23

Littlelife backpacks for us too. We wouldn't have got out otherwise.

BigSandyBalls2015 Tue 03-Jul-18 10:20:54

I tried reigns with mine but they just used to run around me and get tangled up. It does get easier.

GandTforme Tue 03-Jul-18 20:34:17

Little life back packs and choose destinations wisely. I never let mine walk in supermarket for instance (too much within grabbing distance) and instead go to smaller, fenced in parks etc so you can be reasonably sure they won't go too far. Mine are just 2 and it is slowly getting easier.

NapQueen Tue 03-Jul-18 20:35:34

Does your pushchair change to a single? If so put one in and one on reins and swap them over every 30 mins?

Freshprincess Tue 03-Jul-18 20:43:20

Reins for me as well, although i used to use the pram if it was somehwere I wanted to actually get to.
One of mine was a Bolter nd couldn't reliably relied on to not run into the road/pond/who knows where or come back when called. Ironically now he's a teenager, I've seen snails go faster.

MrsMarigold Tue 03-Jul-18 20:49:00

My children loved the little life backpacks but quickly learned to take off the reins, one in one out worked well or both in the buggy until you get to the park, playground or playdate. Bribery with chocolate buttons also works a treat.

ButtfaceMiscreant Tue 03-Jul-18 20:53:15

I made mine hold my hands when I first started leaving the pram in the car. It's hard but they need to learn road-sense at some point. We had reins for when DH was with me but I just held hands and if one mucked about I carried them. I am lucky (so far!) in that they are pretty good with recall and i can usually bribe them with looking at toys/ give them something to hold to scan at the checkout in shops to make them come with me. My elder DC (21mo older than the DTs) is very good when out and about so they have a good role model to emulate!

Good luck, and make sure you have wine/some other such treat as your reward at the end of the day!

RubySlippers77 Wed 04-Jul-18 10:33:30

Completely agree with reins and picking your destinations. Local park fine, large supermarket... confused

If I have to go shopping with them I'll time it for nap time then they can sleep in their buggy. Internet shopping all the way if possible, though!

Could you find a trike OP? Mine stay in theirs much more than in the buggy, it's more fun I think! The double ones come up for sale occasionally on Facebook/ Ebay (usually £60 ish in my area - Home Counties), or we bought a new one from It cost around £130 but we've got a lot of use out of it (go for lots of walks!) and will sell it on in a year or two when they grow out of it smile

Sharpcattlegridheavyhat Wed 04-Jul-18 12:21:46

That twin trike thing looks amazing. I need one!

RubySlippers77 Wed 04-Jul-18 12:32:58

It's so useful Sharp! I have twin boys aged 2.7 and they'll only go in the buggy now when they're tired. We go to the park/ for walks a lot and use the trike all the time!

We did have two singles (bought via Ebay much more cheaply!) but as you probably know already, it's pretty much impossible to push two on your own sad

SnugglySnerd Wed 04-Jul-18 12:38:53

We are just coming up to this stage with our twins. The trike looks brilliant!
I have a mental list of fenced-in places to visit!

Sharpcattlegridheavyhat Wed 04-Jul-18 13:47:21

Curse June for being an expensive month! Promised self not to spend much in July....but....but....butbut

RubySlippers77 Wed 04-Jul-18 14:15:13

Do have a look on Facebook marketplace and Ebay as well, twin trikes come up occasionally. I was never lucky enough to get in there quickly enough! Or my friend with twins has one of these:$ja=tsid:59156%7Cacid:444-797-0832%7Ccid:598623310%7Cagid:28645206445%7Ctid:aud-180466976485:pla-348422474775%7Ccrid:96091159045%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:15783366832588448869%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1o1%7Cmt:%7Cloc:9046040&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk9qrtcOF3AIVh7HtCh0-PwcbEAQYASABEgJJ_jDD_BwE

Sharpcattlegridheavyhat Wed 04-Jul-18 16:47:14

Ooh that looks quite good too ruby and seatbelts too, initially I thought it wasn’t as safe as that! Thanks for the ideas. Anything to make outings easier, I honestly find myself hiding in the house and garden with them all day as it’s not worth the stress! Their hatred of the double pushchair is extreme.

tanyadixey2 Thu 05-Jul-18 12:21:45

Thanks all. we have a little backpack with reins which is fine when me and my partner have one each but not good if I have both! I think local research into fenced in areas is a must and bribery sounds good! Funnily enough I was looking at the double trikes just yesterday so maybe that'll will be their birthday/Xmas present.

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