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One twin bullying

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Twinmumum Wed 16-May-18 20:21:27

I have b/g twins, 26mo and ds has always been the more dominant. However now I feel it’s bordering on bullying behaviour.

He pushes her constantly, takes whatever food she has unless I stand watching them eat, and has now started pushing her out of her bed each night to get in it himself.

He thinks it’s all very hilarious, but 50% of the time will give her a cuddle and say sorry when told off. Dd is very sensitive and not coping well with it his behaviour.

I try to give them equal attention and most of the time they adore each other and giggle away happily. It’s all fine until it’s not if that makes sense. Any tips for stopping his bullying??

We’ve tried: time out, no dummy, giving dd loads of attention when it happens, telling ds dd is sad, asking him to say sorry, explaining simply that we don’t push etc, shouting, not shouting..., taking dd away from the situation and starting a fun game. At a complete loss!

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Twinmumum Thu 17-May-18 08:52:05

Anyone? 😬

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