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Anymore triplet mums?

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menageriekeeper Fri 11-May-07 10:44:25

Hello, I'm from BMC and am just having a mosey over here. I'm a mum of 8 year old bgb triplets, plus a 14 year old DS, and wondered if there are any other triplet mums here?

elsieanjoanne Fri 11-May-07 10:50:14

wow triplets you must be a fab mom with the patience of a saint! sorry i only have one dd 11months!

speccy Fri 11-May-07 10:51:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

menageriekeeper Fri 11-May-07 11:10:53

I'm a tired mum. :D Actually, it's not too bad these days. They're fairly self sufficient and not too badly behaved. Even the teenager is still relatively human.

menageriekeeper Sun 13-May-07 23:23:15

Bumping up, cos I don't actually get to speak to any other triplet mums atm!

questionname Sun 13-May-07 23:25:09

like your name and welcome.

menageriekeeper Sun 13-May-07 23:40:14

Well, 4 kids, one husband and 3 cats = a menagerie.

gingernut Sun 13-May-07 23:55:58

hello menageriekeeper, that's a big household you have. As speccy mentioned, we have a poster called triplets who has triplets, but she doesn't get on here all that much. It's worth bumping this thread occasionally so she spots it. .

frumpygrumpy Mon 14-May-07 13:23:54

I think we only have Triplets on here with triplets. She has 9 yr old triplets. She lost her beautiful first son Matthew when he was just a little older than they are now (I don't think she'll mind me telling you that). She pops into the 'D'y ever...' thread that we use daily. Come inside, the kettle is usually on

frumpygrumpy Mon 14-May-07 13:25:23

I'll pop a link in there for her........

and this one is for you

MarsLady Mon 14-May-07 14:42:16

Do come and join us so that us mums of mere twins can fawn and bow and scrape with total respect that you've got 3.

Apart from FG's dubious love of Paolo we're pretty normal... as long as we keep on the medication.

Looking forward to chatting to you.... when I can scrape my awe-filled self up off of the floor.

Celia2 Mon 14-May-07 22:22:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarsLady Mon 14-May-07 22:25:18

come join us too oh great one!

triplets Mon 14-May-07 22:38:19

Hi and welcome menageriekeeper,
Just seen this and just heard the latest on Madeliene, feel sick in my stomach as to what news we may hear soon, its just like Jessica and Holly. Anyway, welcome to our mad mad thread! I am am ancient mother of yes, the name gives it away, triplets. Two boys and a girl who were 9 last Jan. We too have another child, my beloved firstborn Matthew, he died suddenly in 1994 and would now be 28 in July. So life is abit of a roller coaster and is very challenging! I personally have found this last year to be one of the hardest, we have been pushed to the limits with them. They are not really naughty, just hard work! I appreciate it must be very hard having 3/4/5 children of diff ages, but triplets! I hear so often, "I don`t envy you" and people mean it! Life is difficult but I wouldn`t be without them, all our children are special, so tonight my heart goes out to Madelienes parents, I pray she will be found safe. Sorry to change tack but I cannot stop thinking of tonights developments.

menageriekeeper Tue 15-May-07 14:12:43

Thank you for your welcome, ladies. It's nice also to "meet" parents of older triplets, so I can see what's coming. How funny that we have the same mix! Do your boys still playfight like puppies? Mine wrestle constantly, usually very loudly, and more often than not connecting with DD who lets them know even louder. Mine turned 8 in March. They were 33+2 weekers and were teeny when born. 3lb 1/2oz, 2lb4oz and 3lb1oz. Luckily, they were all very healthy, so came home (nicely trained by special care) at 3 weeks old.

Celia2 Wed 16-May-07 19:42:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

madderthanaboxoffrogs Thu 14-Jun-07 21:54:45

Hi I have 22 month old triplets twin identical boys and a girl. They were all natural no fertility drugs etc and so when I popped along for a scan (they called me in after my hormone levels were seen to be high) I very nearly fell off the scanning table as there I was thinking that I was only carrying one baby!They were my first at 36yrs I still wonder where they all came from! I live in rural Cornwall hubby works in London and is home about every 3 weeks and some days it is hell!! but I love them all and if I can offer any advice ever feel free to ask. Mostly I'll be seeking advice though. How do you potty train three? and how do you stop them all fighting for affection or over toys?

triplets Sat 16-Jun-07 22:36:56

Hi and welcome!
Where abouts in Cornwall are you? My very best friend lives nr Manaccan, and I live in Kent, so we don`t get together as much as we would like to. My trio are 9, two boys and a girl, and I find it harder now than ever! They are truly exhausting, today they have been up since 7am, out all day on a Cub Scout trip, into bed at 9pm and still going, its gone 10.30pm!I loved the baby and toddler stage, it was bliss, no stress, but lately...............aagghh! I potty trained one at a time, roughly two months apart, that worked for us as thats the way thery were anyway, always Thomas would be first to do anything, then Rebecca, then last James! Anyway welcome on board!

menageriekeeper Sun 17-Jun-07 13:20:40

Welcome! I potty trained my daughter first, then a month later one of the boys decided he'd do it, so my other boy took it as a competition! My daughter did it in 2 weeks, and the boys did it themselves in an afternoon. I'm all for an easy life, me.

Leoladyofleisure Thu 21-Jun-07 10:58:42

Fantastic to have some more triplet mums around! Wow!
BTW, for those of you that don't know the d'ya ever wonder..... thread is for all multiples mums even though the title has the word 'twins' in it at the moment !

madderthanaboxoffrogs Thu 21-Jun-07 20:48:29

Thanks for the welcome and I live in Burras which is nr Helston if that helps? It is really interesting how you can get one that does everything first, Jacob was the first to walk and talk and he did a wee in his potty today Hooray! I've had a very trying day with them all bickering. Joe bit Tilly's bum (she keeps taking her nappy off) and I was cooking their tea then had to go and do some yelling and trod in the poo that Tilly had left on the carpet! Don't ya just love motherhood

MarsLady Thu 21-Jun-07 20:50:34 don't forget to come and join us multiple mums on our regular thread(s).

Leoladyofleisure Thu 21-Jun-07 20:52:05

madderthanaboxoffrogs - were you already mad before you had triplets or just turned mad since? !

MatNanPlus Mon 25-Jun-07 18:22:51

Message withdrawn

MatNanPlus Fri 29-Jun-07 14:10:47

Message withdrawn

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