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car seat configuration

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womaninatightspot Sat 17-Mar-18 11:05:34

I have 4 dc 2 boys 7,5 and dtds just turned 3. Have had to give up the
volvo xc90 and bought a hyundai santa fe. All fine apart from the middle seat of the second row doesn't fold down to access the back row it's either the end seat or the end and middle. Can't fit girls car seats together as not enough room to fold single seat down. Am I doomed to shifting around car seats everytime I stick the kids in the car or does anyone have sensible solutions?

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womaninatightspot Sat 17-Mar-18 12:11:43

Bumping hopefully!

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DoublyTroubly Wed 04-Apr-18 20:46:07

Is the 7 year old big enough to sit in the front seat? Otherwise a light weight booster isn’t too bad to shift around

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