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Another car one - what did you do with the buggy?!?!?!

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Reiltin Sun 11-Feb-18 05:30:29

So, we have a 2&4yo and twins coming along as close to July as possible(!) We’ve started looking at cars. We like the Seat Alhambra at the moment and it looks like we could just squeeze the buggy in the boot, with the seats maybe stored on the middle row floor. But the Alhambra is an expensive option. However, cheaper cars have an even smaller boot so where do people put the buggy?!

We plan to have the two older kids in the very back. I know i could have 3 in the middle and one in the back but I don’t want to leave one of the older kids on their own - they often hold hands while we drive.

I’d love to hear what others do 😊

Gunpowder Mon 12-Feb-18 07:23:29

We’ve got a 2 year old, a small 5 year old and baby twins and we got a multimac fitted so all four are in the back seat of our estate car and we keep the big boot.

Reiltin Mon 12-Feb-18 12:35:19

Is there enough space for all 4 of them? Is it hard to buckle them all in?

PenelopePickle Mon 12-Feb-18 13:35:44

I've got a 5, 4 and 2 year old and have just bought a Ford Galaxy. I can fit my bugaboo donkey in the boot, it's a squeeze but it fits!

PenelopePickle Mon 12-Feb-18 13:36:31

And twins on the way.. not sure how I forgot that bit! We'll be using all 7 seats when the babies arrive.

Gunpowder Mon 12-Feb-18 21:06:57

They aren’t too squished. Big ones are in the middle facing forward and babies are on either side. Big ones have to climb over and it is a bit of a pain strapping them in, babies are much easier. I think of you have a wider car than ours you can configure the seats differently.

Congrats to both of you on your twins! It’s exhausting but definitely double the fun. grin

DogStrummer Sat 10-Mar-18 13:25:47

Go for the Alhambra. Don't look at is as an expensive option - a Citroen GP would be a lot cheaper to buy, but the ongoing maintenance costs, breakdowns & inconvenience are a killer (I speak as an ex-Citroen owner).

We bought an Alhambra, and have been amazed at how spacious it is. The boot is cavernous, the rear 2 seats are proper seats that even an adult could sit in. And in terms of width, it's actually narrower than our Citroen was.

In terms of build quality, it feels like an Audi... Sliding doors = awesome in car parks... We have 2 7 year olds & a 4 year old in ours, all across the middle.

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