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Carpal tunnel

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lissimmo Sun 31-Dec-17 10:21:28

Did anyone have really numb finger tips after giving birth? I had carpal tunnel during twin pregnancy and now find I have 3 really number finger tips

Wilson2 Wed 10-Jan-18 09:57:28

I experienced this exact thing! It drove me crazy. In the end, I decided to have surgery to fix it. Have you thought about surgery?

lissimmo Thu 11-Jan-18 07:41:05

geez no i only had the bubs 7 weeks ago, i hope it goes

Wilson2 Thu 11-Jan-18 10:20:25

I think you should go and see a doctor just in case. They can at least give you some suggestions to help regain feeling in your fingertips. So sorry you're suffering with this!

lissimmo Sat 13-Jan-18 05:08:39

yes saw a dr its the after effects of the twin pregnancy could have it permantly

Changeusername Sat 13-Jan-18 05:32:44

I had it after my dc. I actually keep meaning to say to dr about it but its gradually eased off only get it now and again. My lo is 4 months. I have high blood pressure which got higher during pregnancy. Not sure if the two are related at all.

Pennywhistle Sat 13-Jan-18 05:37:45

I was referred to a physio and was given braces to wear on each hand for a few months which sorted them out after my twins were born.

StopTheRoundabout Sat 13-Jan-18 06:29:36

Have you had your vitamin b12 levels and iron checked since the birth? Tingling fingers can be a symptom of deficiency.

lissimmo Sun 14-Jan-18 09:21:39

ive had iron checked it was fine but i did lost 1 litre of blood at birth

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