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When did your twins arrive?

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BibiThree Sun 15-Apr-07 11:22:00

Just curious as I've heard a few stories lately from women whose twins came at 31 and 33 weeks. Should I finish work earlier than 33 weeks???

sleepysooz Sun 15-Apr-07 13:26:26

Twins arrive anytime between 31 and 38 weeks, I don't know how you can manage to get to work comfortably at 33weeks, but if you can then well done and good luck, I was the size of a house at 5 months so just waddled my way the rest till 38wks!
Hope you have a strong network of helpers to hand, our dts are now 3yo and its still hard, but lovely double pleasure!

piximon Sun 15-Apr-07 13:29:00

Mine were born at 39 weeks.

sleepysooz Sun 15-Apr-07 13:39:47

Gosh thats quite late, here in Nottm hospital don't let you go over 38 weeks before inducing, I just managed the day before to go it alone!

oooggs Sun 15-Apr-07 14:16:17

I begged to be induced and they wouldn't do it before 38 weeks.

BibiThree Sun 15-Apr-07 15:11:34

The Dr I saw at the hospital said I coud have a section at 39 weeks and not before, until I said I'd had an emergency section with dd. She said in that case they would book me in for 37 weeks but I could well go into labour before that anyway and have my elective section.
What worried me was when she asked "you're not working are you?" - I'm only 22 weeks at the moment so don't see why I should stop if I'm feeling well, which I am apart from being enormous and looking like I'm ready to give birth next week. It's a desk job and 15 mins from home, so nothing stressful involved like travelling or high powered meetings.

I don't want my babies to come too early, I want them to stay in, but will working bring labour on early? I worked until 37 weeks with dd, but she was only one baby.

dingdongjustforyoufg Sun 15-Apr-07 15:15:43

mine came of their own accord at 35 weeks, but I was due to see the consultant the next day as twin 1's growth had slowed right down. I stopped work at 31 weeks, partly because we moved house when I was 33 weeks and I needed to get packed

MarsLady Sun 15-Apr-07 15:21:47

Bibi... come and join us on the d'ya ever (ample bosoms etc etc) thread.

My DTs came at 36+4

We've got lots of knowledge, experience, horror, joy, exciting stories and things to say.

Judy1234 Sun 15-Apr-07 16:00:17

40 weeks to the day (but they were 4th and 5th children). My sisters twins came at 34 weeks. I was still commuting to London at 39 weeks on some days but felt fine. I was not huge and I'm quite small although it did all seem to be at the front. It was after they were here it looked like there was still a third one in there (there wasn't).

MarsLady Sun 15-Apr-07 16:06:11

Hi Xenia... you're welcome to come join us too.

<<mars scoops up multiple mums left and right >>

Twinmummyx2 Sun 15-Apr-07 16:18:37

1st set were born at 38 weeks.
2nd set were born at 40 weeks.

sleepysooz Sun 15-Apr-07 21:58:41

Wow, a medal for you twinmummyx2, how on earth do you manage, and how old?

jambuttie Mon 16-Apr-07 19:32:55

mine arrived at 29 weeks

Leoladyofleisure Mon 16-Apr-07 20:57:46

I finished work at 30 weeks as I struggled with tiredness and discomfort.

Babies arrived at 36/6! They were born very healthy and needed no help, I'm sure a big part of that is because I finished work early and took the time to rest. Carry on if you feel OK, but listen to your body and if you feel tired then stop and rest, I found the pregnancy much more demanding than a single pregnancy.

LOl Xenia, I still look as if I have a third in there, I was a bit worried for a while htat they had missed one !

Twinmummx2 - bow down with respect!!!!!

jampot Mon 16-Apr-07 21:01:51

my sis and i were 3 days late

devondoris Mon 16-Apr-07 22:35:43

Mine were born at 41 weeks because I fibbed about my dates at the beginning. I did lots of naps in the afternoons while DD played in her room next door. I also drank loads, ate particularly well, exercised sensibly, visited the cranial osteopath and read all the books I could. I read mostly that hydration, nutrition and rest are the best things you can do, but I think it depends on the type of twins you have as well. Mine are non-id. They were huge when they were born (both bigger than DD!) and have gone on getting huger ever since. I'm quite tall and still had room for them to grow some more inside had they wanted to. I also put my foot down about inductions and the like, but I knew they were OK and that my pregnancy wasn't a high risk one.


devondoris Mon 16-Apr-07 22:37:39

Oh, and regarding work, I have a gardening business, a curtain making business, a secretarial business and DH and I bought a shop this time last year. He continued working in London until Xmas and the boys were born in October. So life was quite busy, but I worked round that with lots of help from various friends and my mum. i also put my foot down about how much work I would do!

Harrogatemum Tue 17-Apr-07 13:15:30

finished work at 33 weeks as was convinced they would come early.

I was induced 3 days before my due date...........

glamourbadger Tue 17-Apr-07 17:04:52

30 weeks. Was planning a long relaxing maternity leave but had to go into work and tell them I was leaving the next day! That said, I was the size of a house and really struggling to travel to and from the office every day on public transport.

BibiThree - are they identical? You tend to have more complications with monochorionic twins - though lots are still born at term.

frumpygrumpy Wed 18-Apr-07 21:41:41

I was a day short of 41 weeks and I had been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting because everyone told me they would come early.

Expect everything, because you can just never tell . How are you anyway? How many weeks now? All well? C'mon, c'mon, keep us posted, we love when new twins arrive Jump onto our thread and take us every step with you so we can all be broody again ........

BibiThree Wed 18-Apr-07 21:50:01

I'm fine and dandy thanks. 22 weeks and counting. Babies are kicking like mad (although it's still quite gentle at the moment).

Lots and lots of pelvic discomfort especially at night, like they're just going to burst out at any moment, but the consultant just smiled when I said that as nodded wisely

largeginandtonic Thu 19-Apr-07 10:10:44

Mine came at 29 weeks. Was a complete

I would finish as early as you can just cos you really will need to rest. Carrying twins is bloomin hard work. Good luck!!

BibiThree Tue 05-Jun-07 14:52:04

Okay, so i'm 29 weeks now and the size I was at full term with dd. Surely to god I can't get any bigger? And where on earth are these babies going to go... one down each leg?!

I only have this week and next week left in work and I'm SO glad because I don't feel like I've got long left. Will rest help keep these babies in a bit longer or do they just come when they want to? They're too tiny to come out now - should I buy a cork?

oooggs Tue 05-Jun-07 21:32:52

You are doing well bibithree. My dt's are 9 weeks now and I was induced at 38 weeks and they were 6lb 14oz & 7lb 14oz. I was huge and could hardly walk, eat, sleep.

The longer they stay inside you cooking the better. But I did get fed up of people saying that to me

oooggs Tue 05-Jun-07 21:32:54

You are doing well bibithree. My dt's are 9 weeks now and I was induced at 38 weeks and they were 6lb 14oz & 7lb 14oz. I was huge and could hardly walk, eat, sleep.

The longer they stay inside you cooking the better. But I did get fed up of people saying that to me

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