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Sleep time with twins driving me MAD

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RachaelEvans Fri 20-Oct-17 21:39:33

Hi.... ok so i have twin boys who will be 3 in November. Trying to get them to sleep all night is proving impossible for me , i feel like i have tried everything! Has anyone got any tips or how do you all get your twins to bed ... confusedbearbear^

Wilson2 Wed 10-Jan-18 09:53:18

Hi RachaelEvans, I have two boys who are 1.5 and don't sleep through the night either - are they too young, I know know?
Do your boys sleep in the same room? Perhaps they are waking each other up - I know that's something my boys do and it makes nights really difficult!
I find routine is SUPER helpful though. I try and feed them dinner at the same time each night, give them a bath, book and then bed. But my husband often doesn't get home until after they are in bed so I have to fight the routine on my own. You could try soothing massage/night lights/soft music?
Are they waking up for anything particular?

littlebillie Wed 10-Jan-18 16:09:07

Routine and we started chapter books at around age 3 they loved the stories and the set schedule helped. Btw they were in bed when we read to them.

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