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Baby car seat - Citroen Grand Picasso

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fullofwonder Sun 17-Sep-17 20:44:31

Does anyone have a Citroen Grand Picasso? We already own one and are expecting twins. We need to get the babies and 5 year old into the middle row. Just getting a little confused as to what isofix bases are suitable as it seems the floor storage boxes are problematic.

Would really appreciate any recommendations.

Many thanks

PotteringAlong Sun 17-Sep-17 21:03:40

I have one. We have our isofix in the middle because it's easier for the bigger two - it's a maxi cosi cabriofix seat and base, no bother. I've also had it on the sides without a problem. No issue with storage boxes.

PotteringAlong Sun 17-Sep-17 21:05:27

In order we do: 5 year old in high back booster behind driver, 7 month old in middle, 3 year old in maxi cosi big seat thingy behind the passenger.

theothersideoftheworld Sun 17-Sep-17 21:06:25

We've got one and have had 3 isofix seats in the back all at once. Loads of room .

MamaDeeGee Fri 06-Oct-17 20:47:19

Depending on the age from 13 onwards you can use isofix with the leg safetly

I have citroen c4 picasso 63 plate and have one 7 year old in rodifix airprotect and 3 week old twins in pebble plus

All maxicosi

trilbydoll Fri 06-Oct-17 20:51:37

We filled the storage - dh made blocks out of packaging polystyrene and parcel tape. The garage looked like someone had killed a snowman grin

user1485196412 Fri 06-Oct-17 20:52:11

You can't use many with a leg because of the storage apart from the middle seat. I think I would seat belt maxi cosis in for the twins (done properly it's supposed to be very safe) and then when they're older get ERF seats that don't need a leg eg Joie stages. There's a good Facebook group called something like 'car seats for mummies and daddies' where you can get good advice from experts for specific cars.

MamaDeeGee Fri 06-Oct-17 21:01:25

You can use newer version cars with the isofix with a leg support dependant on year the car was made check with carseat provider,

Eg maxi cosi i have pebble plus' which jm moving up too 2waypearl so
I checked with my car make and age and they fit

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