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Possibly twins?

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Sheena88 Wed 19-Jul-17 14:56:13

Eeek, so I went for my booking scan today and the midwife said did they check for 2 when you were in early pregnancy I said I'm not sure and she says ok I'm going to book you in for a re-scan in 3 weeks so we can have a better look. 😱 Am I reading too much into it? Has that happened to anyone before? They've had to scan again to double check things? We seen the baby and it's little heartbeat although it really wasn't very clear. He/she is measuring 9+1making due date Feb 😁 When did two show in your scans? Thanks 💖

2014newme Wed 19-Jul-17 14:58:55

My two showed as twins at 6 week scan. 2 heartbeats

Sheena88 Wed 19-Jul-17 15:06:29

Ahh ok thanks! I had an early scan at 7 weeks and she never mentioned anything about two. It was pretty clear. I doubt there is 2 in there but I just can't help thinking about it lol I would be over the moon if it was although I'm happy with just the one lol I already have two children this wee one was just to finish my family haha! 🙈

Alittlepotofrosie Wed 19-Jul-17 15:14:40

I had a scan at 9 weeks and they found 2 sacs and 2 heartbeats. Don't panic if it is twins, twins are hard but amazing.

Sheena88 Wed 19-Jul-17 15:21:02

How far on are you ladies now? I'm excited/ nervous but no twins would be a blessing. I have two kids already and they are Irish twins lol they are a year apart and that was crazy for the first two years but now they are 9+8 and great with each other 😁 X

Alittlepotofrosie Wed 19-Jul-17 20:05:39

Oh my twins are 7.5 months grin i love having twins but i don't have any other children.

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