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Monochorionic Diamniotic Twin Pregnancy

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AriannaBlack Mon 03-Jul-17 16:24:40

I had a scan done at 10 weeks which reported that I had a Monochorionic Diamniotic Twin Pregnancy

The midwife said they do not think the twins are identical but everything I've read online says that Monochorionic Diamniotic means they will be identical..
Does anyone have any ideas?

neversleepagain Mon 03-Jul-17 18:34:34

Mdca twins share a placenta and are definately identical. All twins types can be identical. Some need zygosity testing at birth to determine this however.


skyzumarubble Tue 04-Jul-17 17:59:25

Very definitely identical and you should have a care plan in place because they share a placenta. You need to be scanned more often and ideally at a FMC where they will have more experience, because if the risk of TTTS.

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