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Harmony test?

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AnUtterIdiot Tue 06-Jun-17 16:01:58

Hi all. New to this board - had a bit of bleeding yesterday, was convinced it was all over, had a scan this morning and it's twins! I'm 10 wks 4 days.

I had intended to have a Harmony test as am 41. Would like to know gender(s)(!) but can wait until 20 weeks - obviously much more concerned about Downs etc. Does Harmony work when you have twins?

Lolly2803 Wed 07-Jun-17 08:59:41

Hey! I had a similar test called Serenity test and that was approved for twins. You are limited to what sex combinations you can find out. So they can tell if you're having two girls or if there is one boy in there but beyond that they can't tell. We didn't want to find out anyway but might be worth waiting till 20 weeks. Mine are fraternal (non ID).

Good Luck!

Oh and I also had a bleed about 11 weeks but all has been well so far. I'm 32+5 now. xxx

AnUtterIdiot Wed 07-Jun-17 09:52:13

Thanks - that's reassuring! I was so happy yesterday. Mildly freaked today about logistics (will I be able to sit at a desk by 32 weeks do you think? Reports of vast bumps by 22 weeks are making me a bit anxious!) but still mainly euphoric that the baby was ok AND there are two of them!

Lolly2803 Wed 07-Jun-17 10:05:07

Well I got signed off work at 24 weeks as I had high BP and they were concerned about blood flow to one of the twins. But since I've stopped everything has been ok. I did have an hours commute into London involving walking, train bus etc so was quiet hard going. There's no way I'd be able to do that now at 32 weeks. But then depends what your journey to work is like.
Id say just get as much rest as you can when you can and just take it as it comes as to when you'll finish xxxx

AnUtterIdiot Wed 07-Jun-17 11:19:36

Yes - I'm quite bad at that. I had vaguely assumed that I'd work as close to delivery as I could - self employed so no work = no money although we do have savings and my DH will still be working. But as you say if there are complications I'll have to accept that I can't do that. I'm bad at not being able to plan for things!

Lolly2803 Wed 07-Jun-17 11:34:09

I've learnt that planning to an extent is a bit pointless! You never know how you'll be. You might be absolutely fine and feel fab! Or you might struggle a bit more. Just got to take it as it comes. I found travelling the hard part rather than working but I had a desk job.
I had planned to work up until 31 weeks but when I got there I realised there's no way I could have gone that far commuting.

We've had no success with planning really. We are moving house when I'll be 35 weeks and likely the babies will either be here or coming very close to that! Just got to go with what happens! It'll all be ok xxx

TwinsPlusAnotherTwo Thu 08-Jun-17 11:22:19

Yes Harmony works for twins, but only that it can test whether there are any abnormalities in the total sample. If there are, it can't tell you if both babies are affected (assuming they're not ID).

I couldn't have the double/triple test on the NHS when I had twins as your higher hormone levels skew the results, so you might want to check if that's the case for you - if so Harmony (or similar) is your only screening option.

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