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Advice on paid help

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KO80 Sat 13-May-17 06:40:32


I am currently pregnant with twins due in September, I also have a ds who will be 13/14 months depending on when the twins arrive.

My DH has suggested maybe getting some paid help, short term maybe two days or nights a week for a few months. I'm not sure about having someone come into my home and look after my babies, but my ds was a difficult baby didn't like being put down and had awful colic.
But having two babies plus my son to look after, I feel
I will need a bit of extra support.

Has anyone had a baby nurse and found it useful? or any suggestions on what would have helped? Am i better off getting a couple of nights sleeps a week rather than help in the day? Any advice welcome!

Many thanks

Bealexie Tue 08-Aug-17 09:13:11

Hi KO80, I'm sorry no one has got back to you. I had twins in March and have an older daughter as well (2 1/2 when twins were born). If you can afford paid help I would absolutely go for it. You will know your needs better when the twins arrive as it will depend if you / they are in hospital, if you are breastfeeding etc. Basically the more help the better IMO. We had both our mothers about and it still wasn't enough! We were in and out of hospital which unsettled my older one so when she was about I wanted to give her the attention and reassurance she needed while others (husband, grandmas) looked after the babies. What we ended up doing was to muddle along with family support during the day for the first month or so, then got a night nanny for two nights a week, which we've only just dropped down to one now. It's not perfect with a night nanny if your breastfeeding as I needed to get up to express to keep supply up and handing over our babies was at first difficult but we were delirious with exhausted so it was actually the safer option. It also gave my husband a complete nights sleep as I should say that my husband and I share the nights, which has even necessary especially with my older daughter's sleep being disturbed as well. It's tough but the night nanny has saved us and we can see light at the end of the tunnel now that the twins are down to on average two night feeding a each per night (they are nearly five months now). Loads and loads of luck with it!!

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