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What questions to ask consultant at 1st appt? 22W+3

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MummySara Thu 11-May-17 14:33:24

Hi All,

I am having DiDi Twin Boys, this will be my second pregnancy. DS is 3 years old and I can remember it all, but with Twins I know its al whole new ball game. I often leave the hospital thinking what else should I ask, so I am looking for some experience Twin Mums and Mums to be for some help. What should I ask the Drs and Midwifes at appointments?

mellysam Fri 12-May-17 11:45:10

Hi Sara, congratulations! My boy/girl twins were our first children. The consultant appointments for me were just checking over my notes and asking how I was doing. We also discussed what birth I would like to go for, but that was pretty much them saying they recommend vaginal birth if twin one is head down, and how many weeks they would induce me at. We didn't really discuss much else because I had a relatively easy pregnancy.
I much preferred my midwife appointments as I got to listen to the heartbeats everytime.
We did go to a twins antenatal class at the hospital I would be giving birth at, and I found that very useful, we got to visit the SCBU (although my twins didn't end up going there).

MummySara Fri 12-May-17 23:54:59

Thanks, your post pretty much sumed up my appt. Went over my notes, blood tesr, bp, urine, listen to babies and off you go

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