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Twins and starting Mat leave

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DrMum83 Mon 10-Apr-17 08:00:08


Just wondering when those who've had twins started mat leave and what their job is/was?
I'm just entering 2nd tri and pregnant with dcda twins, so need to start thinking about dates and stuff and I'm in a relatively sedentary job...


Taytotots Mon 10-Apr-17 08:11:56

Well I'd optimistically planned to work up to my due date. However, got hospitalised with pre-eclampsia at 30 weeks and had them at 34. Even if I'd had a textbook pregnancy i have a feeling i would have wanted a bit of time off towards the end. My job was a mix of desk and fieldwork (some time on boats).

neversleepagain Mon 10-Apr-17 09:16:21

I worked until 30 weeks in a physically demanding job with long hours, babies were born 4 weeks later and spent 13 days in special care.

neonrainbow Mon 10-Apr-17 09:16:56

I planned to go off at 32 weeks. My babies came at 31 weeks!

FreeButtonBee Mon 10-Apr-17 09:38:40

I worked until 32 weeks, babies didn't come til 38+6!. I was properly exhausted by then - commuting by tube but desk job once there. I'd recommend finishing at 30 weeks unless you feel amazing!

mammmamia Mon 10-Apr-17 13:48:25

Exactly the same as FreeButton for me.

DrMum83 Mon 10-Apr-17 20:59:59

Thanks everyone! All really helpful!

Alicekeach Mon 10-Apr-17 21:03:00

I planned to stop at 34 weeks. However, like Taytotots I got pre eclampsia and babies were delivered at 29 weeks! Of the twin mums I know, very few made it to 37 weeks, so bear that in mind.

Phillpot12 Mon 10-Apr-17 21:06:11

I stopped at 30 weeks, seemed quite a common time to stop work. I had c/s booked for 36 was as Mc/da but they arrived at 34 weeks.

mellysam Mon 10-Apr-17 21:11:34

I had dcda twins and I worked until 34 weeks, very similar to an office job, with a 30 mins by car commute. I was ready to finish by then.
I was induced at 38 weeks.

mammmamia Tue 11-Apr-17 20:52:29

It does seem that more come early than not. I had a planned section at 38+4 and didn't have any signs of labour. I stopped at 30 weeks as it coincided with Christmas so was a good time to stop and I think they benefited from that, I have a very stressful job with travel so it was great to have a break from that.

HamNJam Tue 11-Apr-17 20:58:27

I started maternity leave at 28 weeks - I was doing a 1.5 hr each way commute on public transport, and I would have found it hard to continue for much longer. I had loads of rest thereafter and babies were born at 37 weeks.

londonfever Wed 12-Apr-17 13:45:07

I worked until 33 weeks, babies came at 36+4. I was in an office job which was fine but i also worked from home 2 or 3 days a week so really was ideal. On the commute days, it was 2 hours each way so I suffered swollen ankles towards the end. I had a great pregnancy overall. By 33 weeks i was getting really big and uncomfortable. I'm only 5 foot though so looked like i was a total beach ball towards the end smile

londonfever Wed 12-Apr-17 13:46:19

Should add mine was a planned section for 37 weeks but they had to move it forward by a few days as the babies ran out of room

ellesbellesxxx Wed 12-Apr-17 13:48:07

I actually got signed off at 24 weeks but was going to start at 29.. now 30 and feel good for resting lots!

Twinnypops Thu 13-Apr-17 11:00:19

I finished at 33 weeks, although I could have carried on a bit longer if I'd needed too. I have a desk job, and the 25 minute walk to work wasn't that much of a problem even up to the end. If I'd had a more physically demanding job, particularly one that involved lots of standing, I would have had to have stopped working way, way earlier, maybe more like 16 weeks.

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