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What happens at twin birth?

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MumofthreeandBean Sun 12-Mar-17 07:52:44

29weeks now and want to go for natural birth if possible but I want to know what will happen when the time comes?
Will I be allowed to move around? Be on all fours? How many people will be in the room?
Is it possible to have a water birth??

Flowerpower321 Sun 12-Mar-17 07:57:15

Ask the hospital- mine wanted an epidural in place but agreed not to do it if I was happy to have a general anaesthetic if a c section became necessary. They wanted continuous monitoring so no water birth. Loads of people in the room- paediatrician, three midwives, anaesthetist, dont know who else!

Kingofthestupids Sun 12-Mar-17 08:13:14

I couldn't move around much as twin 1 had a heart rate monitor clipped to her head. Could only really manage a slow shuffle to the loo every now and then. No epidural in place which was a relief as i really didn't want that.

People in the room were midwife, student midwife, head midwife, consultant, registrar, baby resuscitater (not sure of her technical name) and about 5 other people who turned up to gawp at twin 2's breech birth. However, up until the point of crowning it was just the midwife and student with me, then the rest rushed in.

neversleepagain Sun 12-Mar-17 09:00:57

I had a emcs. There were alot of people in the room, 16 with dh, myself and babies.

MumofthreeandBean Sun 12-Mar-17 15:44:12

Really? 16 people!? I don't need that many watching, I would much prefer 1midwife And hubby but I guess that's not going to happen

QueenofallIsee Sun 12-Mar-17 15:47:36

Less movement as they monitored both babies constantly, I had a midwife led vaginal birth with consultants on hand and that checked on me. When Twin 2s heart rate dropped during Twin delivery, I was prepped for a c section just in case. Peadiatric doctor checked over both boys on delivery. Private room without asking for one.

Incredibly positive overall

reallyanotherone Sun 12-Mar-17 15:48:26

There may be quite a few people, but some may be there to experience a twin birth. Especially if it's a training hospital. You can ask unecessary personnel to leave, but do bear in mind you could be a valuable learning opportunity. Your choice though.

Fwiw there were millions of people in the room when i had a singleton. It depends on what's going on.

Fucktifyno Sun 12-Mar-17 15:52:46

I had mine naturally and moved a little more than my first birth. I have a friend who had a twin water birth. She just stubbornly insisted after listening to advice. The midwives were thrilled she got what she wanted.

shirleycartersaidso Sun 12-Mar-17 16:11:05

I was in continuous monitoring so couldn't move. EMCS and had two full neonatal teams - around 30 people! I had had a lot of complications though so my situation wasn't your average.

chuntersalot Sun 12-Mar-17 16:28:13

Ended up with an EMCS after a 12 hour pre term labour so things may be different for you. At the pre natal tour of the delivery ward I was told I would be (if possible) in the room that could be converted into a Operating Theatre in an emergency if the other one was in use. Relatively few in the room with me at any one time but I wasn't able to move around much because of the monitoring. The numbers increased for the section obviously 😀 but I didn't care/ didn't know (GA) by then.

As I said mine was a pre term labour that we tried to stop so a lot of the things that happened were to do with that and not necessarily to do with twins.

Crumbs1 Sun 12-Mar-17 16:37:04

I had 16 in room when first daughter was delivered- but the twins I only had two midwives and husband. My lovely community midwife told the assembled paediatricians/anaesthetists/obstetrician that they could all wait outside the room and she'd call if needed. Moved around and did what I wanted but did agree to be in clinical delivery suite rather than a more domestic delivery room, just in case. The delivery was fine and apart from my obstetrician popping h ad around door to offer congratulations, it was a totally midwifery led delivery.

Ponyboycurtis Sun 12-Mar-17 16:41:46

Can I ask, those of you who had natural twin births, were they ID? I was told (8yrs ago) that the probability of being able to give birth naturally to both was unlikely so I went for an elective c-section, they said that first baby may come easily but would probably distress the second causing an EMC. I'm not planning on having another set of twins but I would like to know if I was 'fobbed off' with the reason I was given........ (Sorry, don't want to de-rail thread!).

Kingofthestupids Sun 12-Mar-17 16:58:05

My ID twins (MCDA) were a natural delivery 2.5 years ago. I think if I had insisted that I wanted a c-section I could have had one, but the preferred course of action at my hospital was a natural delivery.

chuntersalot Sun 12-Mar-17 17:05:39

My delivery was 15 years ago so things may have changed but I did some research that did suggest that Twin 2 (fraternal) was often more difficult but not too difficult iyswim but yes, the possibility of a vaginal delivery followed by a section was discussed. There are so many factors involved though. I don't think the probability of a vaginal birth for both twins is 'unlikely' in most circumstances. Again 15 years on from my twin pregnancy and birth so don't take what I say as gospel 😀

MumofthreeandBean Sun 12-Mar-17 17:23:21

I have been told my delivery will fully depend on twins positions at 36 weeks.
Consultant said even if twin 2 was breech they could still go natural, but they didn't want one natural for the second to be csec unless baby was in trouble

shirleycartersaidso Sun 12-Mar-17 19:32:00

Mine are id and I was booked for a section at 36 weeks, that was the cut off point for ids at the time, and they would not entertain a natural delivery. As it happened I had an EMCS at 31 weeks with a placental abruption after surgery for ttts.

terrylene Sun 12-Mar-17 20:39:17

I had twins naturally following a precipitous labour (totally predictable as DS1 was 3hrs, if they had looked at my notes hmm] )

I was initially fobbed off with 'come in at 9am' which I ignored and came in asap at 5.30am. They then followed their procedure which was to make comfortable until the day staff come on confused which I found out about later, so they were not doing what I expected them to do confused.
DD1 was born at 7.25am in the side room, mostly with just me and DH while the midwife got the rubber gloves and reinforcements, arriving back just in time to do the helping out bit.

DD2 was born about ten minutes later in the delivery room, in stirrups. Fortunately she turned round at some point and came out head first, so the registrar vanished as quickly as she came. Also, it was fortunate that DH was able to alert them to the fact as he changed sides of the bed, as the end of the bed had gone by then and no one was watching. He assures me that he would have caught DD and there is no way he would have let her hit the floor, if she had come out. I am certain he would. He is a very good catch grin.

I was told that I had to have an epidural and found out from other mothers that they were supposed to use a delivery room next to the theatre. I did ask, several times, what they would do with me as I didn't think there would be time for an epidural and I just got 'every labour is different' and 'oh, you have to have the epidural' so gave up and let nature take its course.

Altogether, there were 2 midwives, a very inexperienced doctor, a registrar, and maybe a couple of others who came and went again when they were not needed, then 2 more midwives to clear up when the shift changed.

It was chaos, but I am eternally grateful that my DDs managed to make it out safely, mostly under their own steam.

AndKnowItsSeven Sun 12-Mar-17 20:43:21

I had ID twins naturally at 34 weeks, twin two was breech but turned during labour.

youllneedthisfish Sun 12-Mar-17 21:00:35

Reverted to a v old Anne as identifying:

I had my twins at home. Twin two was breech - twin one was cephalic

It's a very very long story and you are welcome to PM me.

I had employed an independent midwife before I knew it was twins- I kept her on for continuity of care (she came to my house for antenatal appointments which was fab, esp after about 30 weeks). Anyway I thought would not want to be at home - and hadn't oushed for it - I just didn't rule it out. Assumed I'd take midwife to hospital with me and she would then be a birth companion (IMs not licensed to work in hospitals). In the event I went into labour V V quickly and was 8cms when MW came - and we stayed at home.

I would have been happy to have CS or natural - for me it was either or and nothing in between (I had a very intervention heavy first birth that turned into a needless nightmare ). I will say it's not a decision to be taken lightly and I did have a very experienced midwife indeed. I also live ten minutes from the hospital..

Whatever happens - CS or whatever else - you do always have some choices as to how that happens - these small choices can help make you feel a bit more in control.....

Best of luck for your babies!!

Ponyboycurtis Sun 12-Mar-17 21:01:31

Thankyou to those that responded to my 'hijack' and Sorry Op!

MumofthreeandBean Mon 13-Mar-17 07:18:43

Thanks everyone for your experiences, I am slightly worried that I live around 1 1/2 hrs from hospital - hoping I don't labour quickly - last labours were 48hr, 12 hr and 6 hour(induced)

user1489431960 Mon 13-Mar-17 19:11:55

I have started a blog on my twin experience:

Check it out for my top 25 tips for a twin delivery and much more.

Cadenza1818 Tue 14-Mar-17 19:29:05

I would check out a bit more info on your hospital. I didn't realise but the one I was at had a particularly high section rate and I was one of them. I felt like they didn't really want me to go 'naturally'. Conversely a hospital in scotland was urging the several twin mums I knew for a vaginal delivery. I would also urge to put your foot down about what you want. I didn't I regret it. I did have loads of ppl in the room. Congrats!

MumofthreeandBean Wed 15-Mar-17 06:46:02

I think my birth idea would be natural but induced - it's scary living so far from the hospital and I don't want to leave my other children for too long. The twins are due around SATS and GCSE's which two of my children will be doing.

ButtfaceMiscreant Wed 15-Mar-17 06:56:22

My DTs were induced at 36+6 and I delivered naturally (forceps were threatened for T2 but as I had had them for my previous singleton birth I refused and quadrupled my pushing efforts to get him out myself - obviously if they were needed I would have consented, but I believe I just clocked them and shouted "oh no you don't" and pushed T2 straight out blush). I ahd two dedicated midwives for the whole labour, then a Dr came in for the forceps (not needed) and I think there were a couple of other people who disappeared quite quickly. Definitely fewer than my singleton birth but there were fewer complications with my twin delivery.

Best of luck however it happens!

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