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Identical twins at Royal London Hospital c section

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meenajo Thu 26-Jan-17 22:54:05

I am really worried 32 weeks as I am expecting momo twins, one sac sharing placenta. At my last scan I was told I can have a vaginal birth but I'm aware of the high risk and I am seeing my consultant soon and will ask for an planned c section to be booked at the Royal London. I am not happy with the standards/midwifes in the labour ward as I've had to go there when I've had concerns but my scans in mfau have been good. I can't stop worrying if we should move hospitals but the Royal London is so convenient one tube stop. I just don't want to be pushed into a vaginal birth when I arrive at the labour ward as I've heard horror stories. I'm so worried about my twins this being my first pregnancy.

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empirerecordsrocked Mon 30-Jan-17 13:37:46

I thought momo twins would automatically be a c section and usually around 34 weeks. I would really push for the c section to be booked soon.

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