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Twin 2 weight issues

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Trisha90 Wed 18-Jan-17 20:27:32

Hey everyone, I'm 31+4 with dcda twins.

Looking a abit of advice regarding the weights of the twins.

My last apt on the 3/1/17 everything seemed fine although at my apt on the 17/1/17 showed twin 2 hasn't gained any weight in two weeks.

I was at hosp today for my second shot of the steroids and they have gave me another apt for this tues the 24/1/17 to see what twin two is weighing although I may need them out early.

I have attached my centile charts below, on the 4/1/17 twin 1 was weighing 2lb 11 and twin 2 was weighing 3lb 6.

Yesterday 17/1/17 twin 1 was weighing 3lb 4 and twin 2 was still 3lb 6. They have said about starting me if no improvement by the 24/1/17

Can anyone give me advise

Thank u xx

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