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Expecting multiples 2017!

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ellesbellesxxx Thu 15-Dec-16 07:18:07

I can see there are a few of us with double the love (maybe triple for some of you?) to arrive next year so thought would be nice to have our own thread to discuss the journey we are all on?
I am 32, we tried for two years to conceive before it turned out we needed IVF. Amazingly, despite them putting two back because they weren't quite where they should be, they both took... we had our scan on Monday and they were amazing to see! One looked like it was kicking and punching the other! I am now 13 weeks smile

MumofthreeandBean Thu 15-Dec-16 11:24:34

I am due 29th may with non-identical twins. I already have 3 children so will be a busy household!!
Tonight I will be finding out the sexes as dh booked me a private gender scan for Xmas/birthday!!
I seem to be a lot more worried this pregnancy, than with my 3 singletons.

Streaky17 Thu 15-Dec-16 13:20:44

Hi both (again),
I'm expecting identical twins, 18 weeks at the moment. As they share a placenta we have had 2 additional scans already to check for TTTS but all looks fine. These are our first children, I'm 33.

Sounds like a long road Elle, congrats. We were TTC for a while to so can only imagine how stressful fertility treatment is.

ellesbellesxxx Thu 15-Dec-16 18:04:09

Well hello there streaky! And congratulations to you and mum of three and beans!!!! Hope tonight's scan goes really well.. exciting!!!!!
I would imagine I would have been anxious with one but pregnancy with twins does seem to have made me super anxious... I would happily have a Scan every week if I could!
Streaky so pleased no signs of ttts so far.. can imagine that extra worry is hard xxx

bluebird1235 Thu 15-Dec-16 19:40:45

Hello ladies! These are my first DC and I'm 30 but conceived on the first attempt! Can't get over how lucky we are so just hoping it stays that way. I'm only 9+2 today.

NeverAShadowOfDoubt Fri 16-Dec-16 10:41:58

Hi ladies. Congratulations to you multiple mummies to be. I'm 32 weeks with boy/girl twins and having elcs on 3rd Jan at 34+4 as both are breech. Its my first pregnancy and has been complicated abd under care of the fetal medicine consultant as my little boy twin had an initial increased NT and has consistently measured small, around 2 weeks behind his twin sister. He also has bilateral talipes, diagnosed at 18 weeks. Being scanned twice a week for slight umbilical blood flow issues but cannot wait to meet my babies smile

MumofthreeandBean Fri 16-Dec-16 20:52:47

I am carrying one of each! 😊👶🏼👶🏻

MumofthreeandBean Fri 16-Dec-16 20:56:08

never you've had a rough journey x will an operation be needed after birth?
Keep us updated! In a few weeks your babies will be here!

ellesbellesxxx Fri 16-Dec-16 21:58:32

Neverashadow.. oh my goodness that's really soon!!!!! Hoping your boy will be ok, sounds like it has been a really worrying time x

Mumofthree yay how exciting! Was it amazing to see them again?

saltycaramelshortbread Fri 23-Dec-16 19:35:23

Hello! I'm expecting identical twins, am somewhere between 8 and 9 weeks, so still very early... we found out last Sunday, this is my first pregnancy - think I'm still adjusting to the news but super excited. And I know a lot more about twins than I did this time last week!

I'm booking in with the midwife next week and 12 week scan should be around 10 Jan - looking forward to the end of bad excuses for why I'm not drinking!

Congrats to everyone on their multiples! never, the 3rd is so soon, you must be so excited/nervous to meet them!

MumofthreeandBean Sat 24-Dec-16 07:03:45

elles it was great, I wish I could have scans weekly!
They are beginning to be felt now but the first 4/5 months you just don't know what's going on in there.
I am 17.5 now and resemble someone that swallowed a football 😜
20 weeks scan on January 12th.
Started buying little bits now but still have to find room for it all.

Lolly2803 Sat 24-Dec-16 09:20:06

Hi ladies, can I join you? I've been too nervous to join a pregnancy thread so far! I'm 9 weeks today with twins! I too had IVF and this was my first cycle. It was a FET as I had to have a freeze all ivf cycle due to various weird and wonderful issues! I have just turned 30.
We've seen the twins twice already. Once at the viability scan when I was 7 weeks and then yesterday again. Both are doing great and everything looks healthy so far. We will see them again at next scan on 6th Jan for the Serenity test. Has anyone else had this?

Elles I've seen your posts when stalking another thread so congrats on being past 12 weeks! Must feel like such a relief. I'm worried all the time that something is going to wrong!!

Hello to everyone else! Great to hear so many good stories about all your twins! And some identicals too! How exciting. Hope you ladies are all doing ok. Looking forward to chatting and getting to know you xxx

saltycaramelshortbread Sat 24-Dec-16 11:54:17

Congratulations on your twins lolly! I think it's natural to be anxious - I'm not usually a worrier but have been worrying almost constantly, and I've had a lot of spotting the last couple of weeks, which doesn't help!

For those further along, when did you start showing a bump? mum, swallowed a football sounds like a good shape - I'm fully expecting to look like I've over indulged on pies rather than pregnant for a while! smile

Streaky17 Sat 24-Dec-16 20:19:53

salty I was definitely showing by around 14 weeks (it's my first pregnancy too) but looked a bit chunkier for all of the first tri. One of the books suggests we look 4weeks more pregnant than singles.

Are you taking extra vits? Do you know what type of identical they are? Mine are mono-di.

lolly is serenity test like harmony? Ive had neither.

MumofthreeandBean Mon 26-Dec-16 08:01:26

I've been showing from early on, I got my first stretch marks at 8 weeks!! I had my suspicions it was twins then, stretch marks and the god awful sickness from conception 😂
I'm taking the pregnacare vitamins, dr also prescribed me aspirin for blood clots. Apparently my blood is tip top 😁
I had the hospital tests for downs etc, no harmony or serenity as my results were low risk.

ellesbellesxxx Mon 26-Dec-16 08:19:08

Huge congratulations Lolly!!!! So pleased the IVF worked for you... I totally get what you mean the anxiety.. I still worry all the time! Although yes, better since hitting the 12 week mark.
Not heard of serenity test no... is it like harmony?

Salty I started showing at 10 weeks! I disguised it for 3 weeks but now.. no amount of disguising would work.. I am huge!!!! (15 weeks on weds!
Vitamin wise, I am taking the proxeed sachets (which we were told I should take for IVF So been taking them since July!) plus 5mg folic acid and iron tablet.

Ladies, my latest dilemma is which pregnancy pillow to go for! I have a long one but I am so uncomfortable.. looking at those u shaped ones which look like a little nest!
Also investigating pregnancy yoga for new year to help smile
Happy Christmas... next year will be very different!!!

Lolly2803 Mon 26-Dec-16 16:53:49

Hi ladies, yes the Serenity test is like the Harmony test. I've got it on the 6th Jan. The next time we'll see the twins. I just want to get to my 12w scan so I can relax a bit. I'm worried constantly!
My tummy is a little sticking out at the bottom but could be the meds I guess so I'm not sure! I had heartburn and nausea before I even got my BFP too mumofthree!

My SIL announced she's pregnant this Christmas. She's just over week behind me and expecting her second. We've not told anyone yet apart from my parents as they knew we were having ivf! Must be so nice to have no worries!!

saltycaramelshortbread Mon 26-Dec-16 18:43:24

Interesting - everyone seems to have started showing way earlier than I expected! I'm feeling a bit chunky this week, but can't tell if it's just too much Christmas food! grin

Mine are mo/di twins, according to the sonographer. They were so little though (11mm and 12mm), I was amazed she could tell anything. I'm assuming it's normal for them to be slightly different sizes, especially when they're so little and hard to measure? She based my dates on the smaller one, which put me a fair bit behind what I thought from ovulation.

I'm just taking folic acid and vitamin d - tried some Boots pregnancy ones, but (tmi) they made me super constipated! blush I did wonder whether I should be taking more, but the NHS didn't seem to advise it, and I figured most women wouldn't even know there were two at this point!

bluebird1235 Mon 26-Dec-16 19:43:18

Salty - I think it's really hard to measure accurately. The first time mine were measured they were 13.1 and 14 and I had a real panic and then the sonographer turned the monitor around again and showed me how fuzzy it was and told me not to worry.

I'm on pregnacare max with a bit of extra folic acid. Had a long debate with my midwife about whether I should be on more folic. She said no but I've got a book that reckons you should be on 4mg... we agreed that a bit more wouldn't hurt so that's what I'm doing!

bluebird1235 Mon 26-Dec-16 19:45:02

Oh, and DH thinks my belly is enormous (I'm 11 weeks). He said there was no way I'd get away with it but my parents didn't notice til I told them and I made it through 4 hours on Christmas Day with people I'm not ready to tell yet and that was on top of my food baby from Christmas lunch!!

Streaky17 Mon 26-Dec-16 20:43:26

lolly I'm sure they are worrying just for different reasons, your parents must be delighted lots of grandchildren on the way!

Elles I bought a second hand dream genii but haven't used it yet -part of the (thick winter) duvet rolled under the bump is working for now.

salty mine have consistently measured 2 days apart. But there is a margin of error with such tiny little things.
I was only taking pregnancy supplements until my scan at 12 weeks, I phoned the midwife when we found out there was 2 and she sorted out a prescription for 5mg of folic acid for the duration. When I saw a doctor for the 16week scan she told me I should be on iron tablets and aspirin too. But from what others have said it seems to vary but be prepared for your midwife to know very little. Obviously I worry that I didn't take extra folic early enough but the 20 week scan was OK.

mumof3& have you had your bloods checked a few times? I've only had one set at my booking in.

The grinchy bit of me is glad that our Xmas guests have all gone home. The house is ours again. smile

saltycaramelshortbread Mon 26-Dec-16 21:21:11

Hmmm, mine were 5 days different, but I've been rationalising that she'd have said something if that was cause for concern... have my booking in appointment on Thursday so I'll ask lots of questions but manage my expectations about how much she'll know about twins!

That's good to know about the extra folic acid - might just double up my standard Boots ones then.

Streaky, if you're a grinch then so am I - got back from the in laws this evening, they're lovely but it's so, so nice to be home again!

MumofthreeandBean Tue 27-Dec-16 07:54:26

streaky I only had booking in bloods and then my trisomy bloods. It was the booking in Ines where midwife told me my bloods were really good, apparently I have tip top haemoglobin levels 😂 (Sp)

I'm a tad Xmas grinch too, was a lovely day with my mum,dh and kids but couldn't wait til kids were in bed and I was snuggled on sofa 😂👍🏼

Lolly2803 Tue 03-Jan-17 11:59:22

Hi ladies, Happy New Year! Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and are feeling ok.

MumofthreeandBean Fri 06-Jan-17 12:13:37

I had a lovely Christmas lolly hope you did too!

Got my 20 week scan next week, a little nervous as my last pregnancy had a cyst in the brain picked up at this scan, thankfully nothing came of it but I'm still nervous hoping my 2 little beans are ok 😕

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