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NCT classes, to bother or not

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Streaky17 Wed 16-Nov-16 11:48:54

I'm 14weeks with our first babies (twins) so a complete novice on all things pregnancy and baby related.

I have a few friends with toddlers so somewhere to go for advice but our families aren't nearby so we won't have that support network.

I was a bit anti NCT when I looked it up initially (prior to finding out) probably due to the cost (I am a skinflint not skint). But now there are two does that make what they cover irrelevant?

I'll go to my local NHS antenatal classes and to the TAMBA practical parenting (3hrs) when it is local in the new year.

I'm also going to at least a 6 weeks Daisy pregnancy yoga course so that should hopefully relax me.

I was also considering the longer full day tamba antenatal type course.

I'd be grateful for any feedback on any of the courses above in relation to multiple pregnancy or any general advice. TIA

MoMandaS Wed 16-Nov-16 11:54:52

I did NCT with my singleton. Content mostly stuff I already knew but useful to get it into DH's head and invaluable for making friends. If I'd had my twins first I'm sure the same would have applied, but maybe Tamba would be better as obviously you'll meet other twin parents there. I think as long as you do something where you meet people that will be around to encourage you to get out and about once they're born, it doesn't really matter which you choose. So if you're doing nhs antenatal and Tamba, I think that's plenty.

jellymaker Wed 16-Nov-16 11:55:08

You are going to get a mixed bag of reactions on here for this. Without a doubt the greatest benefit I gained from being involved with NCT - not just classes but also the local groups / sales is the friendships that you make that come at such an important time of your life when you are desperate to meet other mums. I did their classes but then moved away and got involved with them by going to a local baby group that they ran. So it is possible to gain the friendships in other ways than the classes but they are definitely worth the money if you are lucky enough to meet people that you can connect with.

welshweasel Wed 16-Nov-16 11:57:37

It's basically an expensive way to make friends. For me it was worth every penny and more, despite the fact I only made it to 2 out of 5 due to an early arrival! I found it invaluable to have a group of friends with babies at exactly the same stage so you're all stressing about the same stuff and help each other out. But I'd moved to a new area and knew no one with a baby locally.

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