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Jleah Thu 03-Nov-16 01:39:05

Woundering if anyone else has the same problem as me, I have 6month old boy triplets. Non identical Twins and a singleton. They are all beautiful but my singleton has the biggest eyes, honestly they are massive he looks like a baby that should be modelling in catalogs so he stand out compared to the other two. Me and my husband try to make sure all our kids get the same amount of love and individual attention but other people go straight to him and completely ignore the other two. I can see why they are drawn to him but most people don't give my other two a second look. I really upsets me they are all beautiful and all have completely different personalities, how they pick just one when ther is three??

Last night my Cousin said to my face " just as well as you have him coz it makes up for the ugly ones" I asked her twice what she meant and she just kept saying. They are are not as cute as him!! .

I Have never been so angry!! I chucked her out and I will never speak to her again.

Has anyone else ever had a similar problem? Its everyone from friends and family to strangers I pass on the streets.

Jleah Thu 03-Nov-16 01:52:54

I Put this in wrong place!!

Katsite Tue 08-Nov-16 15:35:17

We lived in China when mine were babies . Everybody favored the chubbiest dd and tried to pinch her cheeks.
In Europe another dd was thought of as the cutest.
Don't mind people. There's nothing you can do about it.
Although I do agree your cousin was rude.

Lireal Thu 15-Dec-16 16:28:01

That is absolutely disgusting of your cousin. What a bitch!
These people playing favourites, are they worth having in your life?

Didiplanthis Tue 27-Dec-16 23:03:34

Yep. Everyone is drawn to one of my twins as he is less shy and has the quickest cheekiest smile. The other one has the most enormous blue eyes and is more loving but is usually much more reserved initially and less inclined to show his true personality he also has the biggest tantrums and is very jealous of his brother and can be quite hard to handle so people are more wary of him.

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