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Growth dip at 33 weeks and irregular contractions

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zjhub Fri 21-Oct-16 18:37:13

Hey Mummies. I'm 34 weeks with Mcda twins. At the weekend I was admitted as I was having contractions around every 4 mins. I was given the steroids for my girls lungs and put on a drip to try and stop the contractions. They slowed down to every 10 mins and then eventually just became irregular tightenings which the consultant was fine with and discharged me. They did tell me that if I went into labour now they wouldn't stop it. I went for a growth scan on weds and the consultant was little worried that the twins growth was starting to tail off (they have always been on the small side) so I have been booked in for another scan on the 3rd and she said they will more than likely induce me at 36 weeks. Anyone had similar experience to this? I'm just a bit concerned with the growth dip and irregular tightenings. The consultant doesn't seem overly worried but wondered if any mummies had been through similar experiences and what was the outcome. Xx

snowsuit Fri 21-Oct-16 20:03:25

I'm also 34 weeks with MCDA twins waves I've been told from the start that 36 weeks is the latest they'd let me go to, so I'm having a c section on 3rd Nov (twin 1is breech). My last two scans have been a bit dodgy in terms of growth but no one seems too concerned as the end is in sight now. Also the babies seem quite difficult to measure and it seems like just a few mm difference in size can mean a big difference in the centile. Mine are both around the 10th centile at the mo but my singleton DD was born tiny at term so I was never expecting to grow huge twins. What are your estimated weights? I know it's worrying but I keep reminding myself that they could be born now and be absolutely fine flowers

zjhub Fri 21-Oct-16 20:17:16

Thanks snowsuit. Well my consultant always said they would try and get me to 37 weeks but this week said it would more than likely do it at 36 with the growth dip. They have always measured on or just above the 5th centile but this week have started to dip. She just said that we always knew they were going to be small babies so the longer we leave them in the better, which I fully agree with but should I start to worry? The weights are estimated at 4ib 3oz and 3ib 11oz. X

snowsuit Fri 21-Oct-16 22:18:15

Ugh, it's tough isn't it? Those weights aren't too far off mine (4lb 1 and 4 lb 5). From what I"ve read online late at night when I haven't been able to stay away from google having them be a bit small is not terrible compared to the other things that could go on (TTTS etc). Also having them a bit small but roughly the same weight seems to be better than having a big gap between them.

TBH I feel like my capacity to worry has been worn away a bit at this point - I almost drove myself mad at the start with all the things that could go wrong, then we had a TTTS scare at 24 weeks, then a funny doppler at 28 weeks... it's a bit sad as I haven't enjoyed this pregnancy at all, not one bit sad

The contractions must have been scary... 34 weeks still feels really early doesn't it? Glad they managed to stop them and keep your twins cooking for a bit longer! x

zjhub Fri 21-Oct-16 22:37:01

Yeah people who I've spoke to say the weights don't seem too bad really and to not get hung up because they can be wrong but you can't help it can you! Sorry you've had a rough time of it, ours has been pretty plain sailing up until now ( apart from the obvious aches pains and sickness that comes with carrying twins) I think ive been on edge through most of the pregnancy as we lost twins at 20 weeks 7 years ago to ttts so I've never been able to fully relax through this pregnancy. It does seem early and I obviously want them
To stay put as long as possible but then I just want them
Here safe and sound too. X

snowsuit Fri 21-Oct-16 22:49:33

Oh I'm so sorry for the loss of your first set of twins flowers that must add a whole other dimension to this pregnancy (in both a good and a bad way). How amazing to be pregnant with ID twins again! I can totally understand why you're eager for them to be here and safe. I really don't think 4lb-ish is bad at all, especially for twins. Our bodies are doing something really amazing here - plenty of single babies are born weighing much less, in fact I was born at 31 weeks weighing 3lb something - am fine now except that I'm quite short and really bad at maths smile

zjhub Sat 22-Oct-16 12:24:56

Hahah thank you snowsuit. Yeah it's been a really hard pregnancy (emotionally) we feel so blessed and lucky but then anxious at the same time. Well thank you you've made some feel so much better. I'm constantly been told how small my bump is for twins and then with this dip think I just went a bit into overdrive. smile

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