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Double buggies and cars

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Alicekeach Fri 22-Jul-16 22:00:53

Hello all. I'm expecting twins and DH and I are just starting to look at buggies. We quite like the look of the Bugaboo Donkey and the I-Candy Peach. The Bugaboo looks like it would be comfortable for the babies but it's quite wide and I worry about getting through doors with it. The I-candy peach looks neater and more manouverable, but I wonder how the babies would take to being stacked one on top of the other. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Also, I am going to need a new car (my current one is tiny). DH is convinced I will need either an estate car or a four wheel drive to fit the double buggy in the boot. I'm not keen on having something quite so large! Can anybody with either the Donkey or the Peach tell me what car they drive, please?

Thanks all.

TitusAndromedon Fri 22-Jul-16 22:15:30

People seem to either love the Donkey or hate it. My twins are eight months old and I love it. I've never really had a problem with doors; with the carrycots or seats it fits anywhere a wheelchair fits, so just about any place is accessible. It can be a bit difficult to navigate around shops or in restaurants, but we cope just fine and people are generally happy to make some space for us. It's worth noting that it is wider with car seats on, though, so that can make things tricky if you're planning on using them often.

We did look at the iCandy and also the Jane but decided against them simply because we weren't keen on the tandem design. I like having quick, easy access to both babies and the good size basket the Donkey has. I've heard some complain that getting the lower baby out can be quite awkward.

We did have to buy a new car to fit twins, and we ended up with a Volkswagen Passat Estate. We needed the boot space for sure, but we're also both quite tall and struggled for leg room when accommodating two car seats.

mellysam Sat 23-Jul-16 12:51:51

My twins are still baking in my belly (33 weeks) but we have bought the Donkey as we wanted a side by side (don't like stacked ones) and its the most flexible one, but haven't used it yet. A friend at work with twins has it and he just said you have to accept it can be a bit of a pain if you can't get in everywhere.
We also bought a new family estate car, we got a Dacia Logan MCV its really good value for money and because of that we could afford the top of the range one

Iwantagoonthetrampoline Mon 25-Jul-16 07:46:18

There are narrow side by sides. We bought the mountain buggy as at the time was the only side by side that would fit through my front door and I did not want to have to get them out each time I got home. That turned out to be essential for naps! I think the one on top of the other types are ok when they are tiny, but but not so comfy as get older and liable to cause squabbles. It's quite a big purchase so we wanted it to last the duration. Mine still use the mountain buggy comfortably at 4 1/2. It does fit in the back of my small car but it quite heavy and not much else will squeeze in after. Once you've added all the other gubbins for longer trips away a big boot is probably necessary. I think out and about do a narrow nipper now too which would be my preference if I had the choice again now.

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