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Buggies for 3

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ButterfliesInStomach Thu 25-Jan-07 10:48:40

Hi there

I started a thread in products and had a couple of suggestions but I wondered if you ladies may have some more?

I may be having a third child.
If this child happens then my youngest will be 19 months and my eldest will be 6 but has severe special needs and can't walk very far.

Therefore I will require something to get all 3 round in.
The eldest is very small for his age, he's more like a 3-4 year old than a 6 year old.

Any suggestions?

Also, while I'm on what cars do you ladies drive if you have more than 2 children?

Is there anything else I need to think about that you can think of?


Mumatuks Thu 25-Jan-07 10:55:51

hi BIS

I have three kids, and we brought a citroen piccaso (not the new one) It is excellent for our family needs, and has a massive boot. The 1.6 HDi diesel is very economical, goes excellent on motorways as well as regular day to day trips. It looks big, but is easy to get around towns / car parks.
As for the prams, I have no idea!! Maybe try, I remember seeing a triple on there.
Good Luck!

Flamesparrow Thu 25-Jan-07 10:57:59

Quads got a 3 children buggy that she was mutterinng about needing a home for....

ButterfliesInStomach Thu 25-Jan-07 11:23:58

Thank you. Will have a google with those names now.

Maybe if you see Quads around you could send her this way if you don't mind?

NappiesGalore Thu 25-Jan-07 11:34:03

hello BIS - i had a fantastic buggy imported from NZ (took a while, but you have time by sounds of it) which would seem to suit you well... will try to find link.

re cars: did have a volvo xc90, which was pretty good, now have VW caravelle which is brill. love it. SO spacious, actually dead easy to drive, loads of boot space, flexible interior, option for integrated easily changed child seats in back, isofix everywhere, etc etc

double with toddler seat on top

or single with toddler seat on top and option to add a toddler seat on the front too, a la emmaljunga type prams...

i had the double w seat on top and i have to tell you, was pricey but the bulid quality was amazing. would last forever and retain resale value as is unique to UK market. i had to sell mine again v quickly as dp disaproved since eldest was walking a lot by then and it sold on ebay in seconds...

KTeePee Thu 25-Jan-07 11:37:15

I know someone with triplets and while she did have a triple buggy, often found it easier to use a double buggy and have one in a sling when they were little. HTH

glamourbadger Fri 26-Jan-07 12:45:23

TAMBA does a second hand triple buggy list here .

It might give you an idea of what models are available.

Tallysmummy Fri 26-Jan-07 13:50:13

Hi All

I would really like to know where NappiesGalore got the double pushchair with seat from as i am expecting twin and when they arrive my DD will be 16 months old.

NappiesGalore Fri 26-Jan-07 15:36:48

hi tallysmum - i ordered it direct from abcbuggyco in NZ... took about 3 months to be made and shipped and clear customs etc, IIRC... they quote a shorter time than that i think but there were holdups due to Mr abcbuggyco being ill...

like i said, it sold in seconds on ebay, coz you cant get them here

Tallysmummy Fri 26-Jan-07 15:57:05

Ok thanks i will have a look. And keep an eye out on Ebay you never know your luck!

NappiesGalore Fri 26-Jan-07 16:07:59

i was GUTTED to sell mine... good luck

mummyplonk Fri 26-Jan-07 19:52:21

NappiesGalore, the buggy looks great is the make "abcbuggy" or something else as am going hunting now on your recommendation?

NappiesGalore Fri 26-Jan-07 20:36:23 here

Caroline76 Mon 26-Feb-07 15:26:20

Hi Ladies, I know it's been a while since anyone posted on this topic. Just wantedto say thatI am expecting twins too and have been checking out the "Valco twin" I have been looking at website in the US. It is another double buggy, with a toddler seat on top. All looks goodsofar.

scorpio1 Mon 26-Feb-07 16:19:42

mothercare do a triple buggy,called the mountain buggy urban triple.looks nice

zephyrcat Mon 26-Feb-07 16:20:55

Do any of these actually go through doors??

AmyandArchie Tue 27-Feb-07 14:53:56

Hello Everyone
We're trying to decide on a double buggy with an option for our two-year-old - either toddler seat or kiddy board - we've narrowed it down to the EZLife (the toddler seat only goes to 36lbs), the Emmaljunga (Its rear-facing!) with Kiddyboard or the NZ Mountain buggy Urban with Kiddyboard. Can anyone make the final decision for me??? * Please!!! * Just FYI, the stockist for the EZLife is in Leics. 01162751895.
Thanks, Amy

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