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MCDA twins growth slowing from 50th centile

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Miracles23 Tue 07-Jun-16 23:52:36

Hi, I am 29 weeks pregnant with MCDA twins. Twin 1 has been slightly smaller from 22 weeks and the discrepancy has widened from 4% to 10% at 26 week scan. I had my 29 week scan now and this time both twins growth has slowed down. Twin 1 over the last two months dropped from 50th centile to just above 10th centile. Twin 2 from 50th centile to about 30th centile. My doctors want me to have steroids and a repeat scan in 10 days time. He thinks I may need to deliver soon and getting to 34 weeks would be an achievement. Has anyone had similar experience? when did you deliver?

Thank you

Iheartpedro Thu 09-Jun-16 19:43:03

Hi, one of my mcda twins was always smaller than the other, got to 32 weeks and they weren't happy with her growth (sorry can't be specific with centiles as can't remember now!) Was told that at 32 week scan if they still weren't happy with her growth they would deliver at 34 weeks. 34 week scan this was the case and they also found I had pre eclampsia so was given steroids and c section happened 48 hours later. Twins were 1.5lb different in weight and spent 2 weeks in SCBU but were fine, it was just whilst they sorted the feeding issues. Both were tube fed and the bigger twin was in a normal cot from the start, little one in incubator till she was able to control her own temperature. No other issues thankfully, now they are 17 months and it seems so long ago!!! Hope all goes well, any questions just ask! X

icedcherrytea Fri 24-Jun-16 07:06:27

Hi my girls had a 17% discrepancy at around 24-26 weeks. Dopplers on their blood flows were always normal. Baby B was just naturally a smaller baby. She soon caught up! I delivered at 36+2. Babies needed no SCBU/NICU.

Best advice I can offer is to eat lots of protein and rest rest rest. X

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