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D' ya ever wonder if we'll get through in one piece?

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Minisoksmakehardwork Mon 30-May-16 09:45:12

Morning girls. I've found us a new home <rolls out shagpile, pushes fully laden trolley into corner. Brews tea and puts coffee in cafetière. Wafts smells of freshly baked cakes out of the door and arranges flowers in vases. Hangs pictures on the wall. Taps foot impatiently waiting for comfy sofas to arrive>

So as we were so nearly finished the thread I did my best to fill it up to completion. I hope you don't mind. I'm hoping you all find your way here too from then links I have sent.

This morning is dull and breezy in minisoks area. We're supposed to be meeting friends (though with no fixed arrangements) and dh is currently snoring his head off in bed. I might be slightly annoyed as my lie in yesterday got cut short with James waking me up to get his kindle and then my parents texting me to come over. I can't really grumble about that as they were bringing Emily her birthday presents but still. I think he's now had enough so I'm not discouraging the noise and thumping up and down stairs. 8 years old! So I now have an 8 year old, a 6 year old and the twins are 4! I can't believe how much they are all changing and growing. Jen does gymnastics, Joshy does toddler football. James is on an under 6's team (I've no idea how that works either) and has been invested in beavers. Emily is loving brownies and hockey, although hockey has finished until September . We're just trying to get some practise in for her so she doesn't completely forget what she's learnt.

Oh, and not forgetting Merlin the magnificent. He's a gorgeous puss, even if the children do love him to torturous degrees - poor kitten hides when he's had enough 'love'.

Enough of me, how the devil are you all?

Bubby64 Sat 29-Jun-19 20:03:42

Hi all. Trips, so glad you have tracked Rebecca down. Chops, Soks, you both sound busy, glad things are fairly settled for you both. I am on my own this weekend as boys and Rich are down at Tankfest. I can do what I want for a change, so went to the cinema this afternoon and now me and animals happily sitting here eating pizzagrin I have finally been taken on as a permanent with my job and Rich also starts a new job next week, better pay and conditions. Getting things ready for Mike going to Uni in September and James will also spending 6 weeks every 4 months with his BMW apprenticeship.
I keep having flares of my RhArthtitis, so my mobility is not getting any better, so i have finally invested in mobility scooter which we put in bits in the boot, i no longer feel like a burden when we go out, as i can keep up with everyone and they dont have to keep stopping as i restblush.

Bubby64 Tue 16-Jul-19 21:22:17

Evening all. Just popping on to see if anyone around. Trips, hope you are more reassured about Rebecca. Soks, hope things are ok with you. And hello to you Chops and Shabbs

triplets Mon 02-Sep-19 22:44:54

Where did the summer go? Hi girls a very long time no see. Hope you ar3 all good and enjoyed the sun! Guessing it’s back to school tomorrow for some of you.....I miss those days. So life here is much the same. Had my 6 month check with my oncologist and all good. He talked abou5 the new treatments if the cancer returns. He also decided to do a genetics test s9had to go up to Guys in July. Won’t get the results for another 4/5 weeks. Thomas is now based in Cyprus, fed up with Army life, has a serous first girlfriend who is over here from America studying at Richmond uni. They can’t see such other for 6 months until he gets home for Christmas. He has this week given in his notice, will have been in 5years next March , has to give a years notice! James is still home doing ok. News on Rebecca. One of her close friends from home has moved to Chichester and went t9 the pub we know she is working in. Becca saw her immediately and ran to her crying and hugging her. Ellie said nothing about us or the situation, asked her if they could meet up for a drink but she has heard nothing from her. My heart wants me to rush down there but my head is telling me no. I miss’s been just over two years since she was here. Harry is getting more frail looking with the Parkinson’s, his tremors are much worse, bloody sad to watch. Clutch went on the car two weeks ago, nice bill for £580 we could well have done without. Hey ho! x

triplets Fri 13-Dec-19 23:08:44

Where are you all? Is this the end..........

minisoksmakehardwork Thu 02-Jan-20 19:27:55

Happy New Year!

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