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Extra folic acid (5mg) when pregnant with twins?

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44PumpLane Mon 25-Jul-16 21:46:19

I'm taking the higher dose too and doesn't make me feel unwell. I always just make sure to eat before taking my supplements!

NotAClue82 Fri 13-May-16 13:39:41

Thanks Ave

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AveEldon Fri 13-May-16 12:18:18

I am taking the higher dose - not had any nauseous effects on me

NotAClue82 Fri 13-May-16 12:17:10

Oh god neversleep, I was hoping this sickness would end soon! Thanks for your helpful reply x

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neversleepagain Fri 13-May-16 11:59:44

Yes I was prescribed that amount until throughout my pregnancy. I had morning sickness until the day I gave birth so no idea about it making you nauseous!

NotAClue82 Fri 13-May-16 11:33:38

Hi! I'm pregnant with twins and my GP has prescribed a higher dose of folic acid - 5mg, which is >10x the normal amount of 0.4mg!

Has anyone else been prescribed a higher dose of folic acid?
And did it make you feel nauseous? I'm suffering with awful nausea and am worried this will make it worse.


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