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Twins and parents evening

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freshprincess Tue 19-Apr-16 17:36:07

I have year 7 DTs and parents evening looming. They have to book the appointments themselves, so I've just spent an hour with them going through their timetables trying to co-ordinate appointments. Their planner is filled with yellow post its, which I'm sure they'll lose before they even left the house. They only share 2 teachers and aren't in any of the same classes. I imagine that a lot of the teachers won't know they are twins either.
any tips on how to get to see everyone I want to see, without being in two places at once or being in the school all evening? And remembering who has which teacher is hard, am I going to look like a loon carrying round a notebook with pre-prepared questions? (I'm not entirely against being ^that parent^)

Oh and one tells me that I don't need to see a teacher because 'he has no chill'. I think he's probably the one I need to see most isn't it?

RoastieToastieReastie Sun 22-May-16 15:03:07

Did you go to the evening? This reply is probably too late but just to say I teach secondary and have taught a number of twins and it tends to be either both parents go to the evening and one will go with one twin and the other with the other or else the parent will have made appointments beforehand just with specific members of staff they particularly want to talk to (usually core subjects and then any subjects there are any specific issues with). If there's a subject where the teacher teaches both students then it could be used for both children rather than separate appointments. Where I work we are sometimes asked to email comments home if parents can't make parents evening so it might be worth pursuing this if you can't get around to everyone, and that way if there's an issue anywhere you can find out about it.

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