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A newborn and twins aged 3.5 years

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thegirlinthesassyspace Sun 21-Feb-16 20:20:35

Hello, I'm expecting a baby in July when my twins will 3 years 8 months.
Does anyone have similar experiences to share?
People keep saying to me "oh this one will be an absolute breeeeeeze"
...yes I'd like to hope night feeds etc will be a hell of a lot easier. Than with twins surely 😀but I'm expecting day to day to still have a lot of challenges surely?

QuickSqueezeCoolBreeze Sun 21-Feb-16 20:26:49

I had 16mth twins when my singleton was born. I think my top tip would be a good quality sling for the newborn-to have two hands free to look after the twins made a huge difference. My twins were in a pretty strict feeding/sleeping routine from very little (in order to keep my sanity) but with my singleton, I found it easier to let him feed on demand. I definitely found one easier than two despite also having two little ones around as they'd entertain each other a lot of the time.
I won't lie. I don't remember the little details of my singleton's first year (but then again, I hadn't remembered all that much detail of my first year with twins)
Mine are now 10, 10 and 8.5 so my tips may be out of date!

thegirlinthesassyspace Mon 22-Feb-16 08:53:37

Wow thanks quickbreeze xxx

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