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Worrying about DTD2's slow social development

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FlysInDreams Mon 15-Feb-16 12:51:33

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We have 20m non-id DTDs. I am trying not to compare them, but it's hard not to. DTD1 is able to say a few words, but more importantly she understands simple requests (get your bottle, where are your socks etc?) but DTD2 seems not to understand anything. We went back for a follow-up to the 10m check at 18m, and the HV said she'd refer her (but apparently we may just be rejected!) and also requested that we get a Homestart volunteer so DTD2 can have more one-on-one time as DTD1 is definitely the dominant one.

I have started to worry about autism or similar as she has some of the signs, such as not meeting eyes, doesn't talk but makes repetitive sounds, likes to play on her own (though she sometimes plays with her sister), flaps her hands and dances on the spot when excited and not responding when her name is called (she had a hearing test a couple of months ago in case it was that was the problem).

I'd just like to hear from others as to whether their DCs were like this, and how they developed.

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Theydidit Tue 08-Mar-16 22:22:56

I don't have similar experience but I have had issues with my twins developing at different rates and comparing them. DT1 was rolling at 4 months and crawling at 7 but DT2 didn't even roll until around 8 months. Totally different but we did find that children's services in our area didn't need a referral from HV or GP - you could self refer. Have you checked if that is possible where you live?

FabulousoFanjo Fri 18-Mar-16 14:48:26

Sorry for the late reply. My twin boys were exactly the same twin 1 was walking and talking before twin 2 was even crawling. We had been referred for tests because HV thought autism too. Glad to say that twin 2 started walking a week before his second birthday.

He wasn't talking for ages either just repeating the same as yours but with speech therapy he now never shuts up. All tests came back clear and hv said the difference in him in a year is unbelievable. Turns out like all twins one was just slower at getting things done. Hope this is the case for you too

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