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shit is going to hit the fan isn't it?

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ShowYourSeams Tue 19-Jan-16 23:04:55

This isn't a stealth boast (and is intended to be lighthearted), but I have the most laid back twins ever!
They're a delight. Not even a tiny bit like the demanding, never ending, stressful mess I thought that life would be when I had a toddler and newborn twins.
But I just know I'm being lulled into a false sense of security!
They're going to start teething soon and become a nightmare, aren't they? Or carry on like this for a while and then hit the 'terrible twos'.
Please tell me there are others that have got away with easy going twins and I'm not destined for a breakdown in about 6 months! grin

ScarlettDarling Wed 20-Jan-16 14:16:42

Haha, sounds lovely, enjoy them!

All babies go through their phases but don't see why they should suddenly become a nightmare. Sounds like you are a very lucky mum!

juneavrile Wed 20-Jan-16 15:36:16

I feel just the same....partly because everybody keeps saying "you wait until...." But they cut their little teeth with very low levels of fuss. Weaned very happily. Sleep well. They are 13 months and I say a little thank you for every day that it's like this.

Of course there will be challenging times. How could there not be, but I have a friend with 11 yo twins and they are still calm, sweet and easy going - like they were as babies

Wickedwitch1 Fri 22-Jan-16 08:19:53

Same here, so much easier than my older child. They're laidback, rare,y cry, when they do they stop pretty quickly. I keep waiting for it all to go horribly wrong, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

Thurlow Fri 22-Jan-16 08:24:26

Ha grin

I say this all the time about DD. She is about to turn 4 and so far she has been a delight. Slept well, eaten well, very few tantrums. Never had a sleep regression, teething didn't bother her much, hardly ever gets messy ill like stomach bugs. Sailed through the Terrible Twos and the Threenager stage with nothing much to report. She's confident, outgoing, loves nursery and is excited by the thought of school.

There's a teeny part of me which lives in terror of the teenage years. Surely it's got to go wrong somewhere?!

Either that or if we have another DC it will probably be the baby from hell...

TheEagle Fri 22-Jan-16 11:08:29

Sounds good! I think everyone is so negative about having twins and a toddler that there's no way that the reality can be as bad!

I worried and stressed about so many silly things before DTs were born. None of those things materialised.

Now DTs are 9mo and DS1 is 27mo. Life is full on and busy but not unmanageable and they're all just so darn cute grin

Congrats! Enjoy!

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