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possible mcma twins. can't stop worrying.

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goldglitter Mon 30-Nov-15 16:29:43

After trying for many months I am 9 weeks pregnant with possibly mcma twins. After my private scan I then Googled what the sonographer had wrote in her report and have since been crying and really low. Along with terrible morning sickness which has left me pretty much bed bound - I'm miserable and I'm so scared.

I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow but am uncertain if she will understand what type of twin pregnancy I have, I don't want to patronise but also do not want my babies care compromised.

Does anyone have any recent mcma twin pregnancy experiences?

Thank you

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ButtfaceMiscreant Mon 30-Nov-15 16:53:01

I had DCDA twins but didn't want to read and run.

What is it that is worrying you? It is a risky pregnancy but that doesn't mean you won't have a positive experience and outcome. You will also be kept a close eye on, with scans every 2 weeks from around 12 weeks I believe, so any concerns will be picked up quickly.

Congratulations by the way; twins are awesome!

goldglitter Mon 30-Nov-15 17:15:09

Thank you smile

The 50% survival. The early c section. Them being in special care. I'm absolutely petrified. What if something happens in those 2 weeks. Neonatal death. Spontaneous labour. Ttts. Cord compression. Cord entanglement. All this whirring around in my head. Don't know what to do with myself mentally can't seem to get in the right mindset of being positive. DH is amazingly positive but I am a natural born worrier/over thinker.

I am so happy and so lucky to be pregnant and twins are miracles I know. Just really scared of what's to come. If anything. Fear of the unknown. X

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Boredofthinkingofnewnames Mon 30-Nov-15 17:27:02

I had DCDA twins too but they thought they were MCMA until about 14 weeks as they just couldn't see the membrane.

Are you under a FMC?

goldglitter Mon 30-Nov-15 18:09:01

No. I haven't been seen by anyone yet. I've had a private scan and called the local midwife centre who politely dismissed my fears and said to wait for dating scan on 21st December. I'm seeing midwife tomorrow for first time so trying to think of questions to ask.

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ButtfaceMiscreant Mon 30-Nov-15 18:15:00

I think you need to step away from Google - yes, there are risks but you will be placed under a consultant who specialises in multiples. Write all your concerns down and take them with you to your first consultant appointment. Hopefully they can set your mind at rest a bit.

In the time between scans you can go to the hospital if you are concerned about anything, movements etc, or contact your midwife. We are here too if you need us smile

Try to relax a little; easier said than done but you will drive yourself to despair otherwise smile

Boredofthinkingofnewnames Mon 30-Nov-15 18:18:48

Any MCDA or MCMA pregnant should be under a FMC, I was under Kings in London but not until the 12 week point. There is so much to worry about - I know how you feel.

I do think forearmed is forewarned though - ime the local hospital didn't know about twins at all, let alone different sorts! When you go for you dating scan ask for a referral or the midwife may refer you earlier if you express your concerns?

TheEagle Mon 30-Nov-15 18:28:22

I know it's easier said than done but please try to think positively and definitely step away from Google.

I have DCDA twins and was very anxious after my first doctor's appointment where age scared me witless with the risks of multiple pregnancies.

You will be placed in the care of a multiples specialist who will monitor your pregnancy closely. Don't be afraid to ask MWs etc to talk to someone experienced in the care of multiple pregnancies.

In the meantime, try to rest when you can, maybe try some relaxing breathing exercises and treat yourself to a nice meal - you won't have much room for eating by the end.

Congratulations, twins are wonderful flowers

goldglitter Mon 30-Nov-15 19:48:28

Thank you for all the advice it's appreciated so much.

I just don't want to be fobbed off by my local midwifery team as an anxious first timer.

Bored - DH's cousin was under kings for her twin pregnancy. Hopefully I will referred then I can relax a little. She says blush


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ButtfaceMiscreant Mon 30-Nov-15 20:13:37

Depending where you are in the country you should be under the multiples clinic, where you will see midwives and Drs who specialise in multiples pregnancies, who will be able to put your mind at ease. Unfortunately, until you are referred across to them (probably at your dating scan when the twin pregnancy becomes known to the NHS) you might not see a midwife who has been involved in many twin pregnancies, so the team you already contacted may have not understood the level of your anxieties. You will see someone soon who can help do this, but, in the meantime, if you feel you are more anxious than is normal do go and see your GP, as they could set the ball in motion if you feel you would benefit from some help to manage it (CBT etc).

I would tell you not to worry, but I did myself with my twin pregnancy. I would say try and enjoy your pregnancy though. We are here if you need us flowers

goldglitter Tue 01-Dec-15 08:18:22

Thank you all so much

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ButtfaceMiscreant Tue 01-Dec-15 14:19:58

How did it go with your midwife appointment goldglitter?

goldglitter Wed 02-Dec-15 15:54:22

Midwife was lovely but once she told me they don't often see twins and prefer them to be in as long as possible and to be delivered vaginally I then asked to be referred to a FMC at the hospital here and then asked if I wasn't happy would I then be able to be referred to a London hospital. She said the FMC at my local hospital switched between a London hospital and got me and appointment for 14th Jan. She didn't come across to really know what mcma twins were confused

Just a waiting game for my dating scan and then see the consultant. I will feel better with a plan in place with the consultant but am being kept awake at night at the thought of a vaginal birth with them.

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AndNowItsSeven Wed 02-Dec-15 16:01:39

A vaginal birth for MCMA twins, I am shocked an actual midwife suggested this.

AlphaOmicronPi Wed 02-Dec-15 16:09:16

If your twins are indeed MCMA (and they may not be, it's too early to tell for sure) there is not a chance in hell you will deliver vaginally. Please ignore your midwife on that one.

In any case, NICE guidelines allow any woman to choose a C Section for any reason so you should be able to deliver your twins that way even if they are not MCMA.

The referral to the FMC sounds positive. Hopefully you'll know more soon. flowers

tkband3 Wed 02-Dec-15 16:22:31

I'm afraid my story isn't particularly recent - I've just picked up my 10 year old MCMA twins from school - but I thought I'd pass it on anyway smile.

When I was pregnant with them I was under the care of a consultant at Homerton Hospital in Hackney. He was apparently the most experienced consultant at the hospital in twin births. I had a scan at 12 weeks, when we found out we were expecting identical twins, and a standard booking in appointment with a midwife, who simply scared me with stories of TTTS. I can't remember if we saw anyone at 16 weeks, but we had a consultant-led scan at 20 weeks, when he spent a good half hour trying to find a membrane between the sacs, but couldn't. From then on we had scans every 3 weeks (I was told the standard for non-id twins was every 4 weeks), and consultant appointments at similar intervals.

It was clear from about 30 weeks onwards that both babies were head down and likely to remain that way. My consultant told me that if I went into labour, he would be happy for me to have a vaginal birth, but that if he wasn't there, I should make sure that, as soon as twin 1 had been born, one of the medics attending the birth should hold onto twin 2 so that she didn't flip round before trying to be born!! However we also agreed on a date for an elective C-section, at 37+4 weeks. I didn't go into labour naturally, and had the C-section on the agreed date. The babies weighed in at 5lb7 and 5lb12.

I'm not saying my care was great, but other than being scared by stories of TTTS - and I knew the scans were to keep an eye out for this - I stayed away from the internet and just concentrated on keeping myself as healthy as possible (which wasn't easy, as I had a toddler who was only 14 months when we found out we were expecting twins!). I was probably too tired to worry!

I don't know if any of my story is helpful. I totally understand why you are worried and scared - and when you're feeling like that, it's easy just to focus on the more negative sides of the information you're reading. If I can be of any help at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

And congratulations on your pregnancy flowers. Twins are very special indeed and you are very lucky.

goldglitter Thu 03-Dec-15 12:18:56

Exactly. As soon as she mentioned that I lost all faith in her and will speak to the FMC.

Tkband3 thank you for sharing your story. It gives me hope. As long as I can find a competent FMC who has dealt with mcma twins I'll be happy. I can't stand feeling and being fobbed off. Going into labour naturally with these two twins petrifying me.

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TheEagle Thu 03-Dec-15 14:21:15

goldglitter, is this your first pregnancy?

I know it's scary to think about labour but the reality is that labour lasts a long time for most first time mums so even if you did go into spontaneous labour you would more than likely have plenty of time to get to hospital etc.

My twins were my second and third children and I did go into spontaneous labour with them. Twin 1 was footling breech so I had an emergency c section but it was all very controlled and very calm. My waters broke at home at 2 am, the doctor examined me at 3 am and my twins were born at 4.26 and 4.27. They were a bit early (35+6) but great weights and super healthy. They're big busting 7.5mos now.

From 16 weeks I was monitored very closely by my hospital (I am in Ireland so care might be slightly different) and had scans every 2 weeks from the 20 week point because one twin was growing slightly slower than the other (he caught up by 24 weeks!). I regularly saw a doctor and if there was any concern at any point the sonographer would ensure I saw the consultant.

Try not to worry too much and maybe look on the TAMBA website/Facebook page for some positive twin stories because there are lots of them.

Sending you cake and flowers

slightlyinsane Mon 07-Dec-15 16:43:58

You have found yourself in a position a lot of people don't. The majority of people don't find out its twins until the 12 week dating scan, me included.
I have 18 month mcma girls, step away from Google and try and relax, whatever type of twins you are having its going to be a long pregnancy.
It sounds like your mw doesn't have a clue so just sit tight until your dating scan to get a clearer idea of twin type and then you can look at the care you'll need.
As for the delivery, vaginal is absolutely possible however I wouldn't recommend it, this maybe something you will have to put some serious thought into but much further down the line.

Mrs1986 Mon 21-Dec-15 19:27:01

Hi all,
Please can I join? This thread is the closest I can find to my situation.

I have recently found out that I am expecting triplets following a private early scan.
I am absolutely petrified! I've had a look through the threads to see if I can find anyone else in the same boat - appreciate it's quite rare!

I have a set of MCMA (identical twins in the same sac) and a separate baby in a separate sac.

I'm approx 8 weeks.

Is anyone in the same position?
Does anyone have any success stories to share??

Hope to hear from someone soon as this is certainly a very lonely experience!

SlinkiMalinky Tue 22-Dec-15 19:41:55

I wish i could be more helpful but I'm in a similar situation. I found out today that we are expecting twins. They look to be mcma but too early to say from scan at 7+3. The news is still sinking in. I have another mw appointment a week on Monday. I knew I would be consultant led due to previous complications. I think I will try and follow the advice of stepping away from Google till we know more. Goodluck with your pregnancy. X

Mrs1986 Wed 23-Dec-15 14:32:34

Hi Malinky I hope you are doing OK?

I went for another scan today and it seems that one of the identical babies has stopped growing, and they couldn't find a heartbeat.
It's called Vanishing Twin!
So I am down to two! The remaining two are not identical and they both have strong heartbeats!

Did you get measurements of your two? And hear a heartbeat? I know this is impossible but try not to worry, it's still early days for both of us and I suggest we cross bridges when we come to them. I feel so much better today after not sleeping for a whole week!!xx

Jonmur9 Mon 15-Feb-16 11:30:11

Hi, not sure if it's still relevant but I stumbled across this thread (I'm really not sure why!) and felt sufficiently compelled to register so that I could post. We've just had MCMA twin boys who are about a month old now. They were born at 32 weeks and were just 15 days in hospital. We were scared when we found out about the MCMA (which the hospital failed to explain...we had to do our own research). A few things come to mind: (1) ignore Google...the survival rate is more like 75% and the stats are frankly a bit useless as the number of MCMA twins is too low for meaningful analysis, (2) whoever told you it could be a natural birth should be struck will choke the'll find that most midwives are chocolate teapots when it comes to MCMA twins but it's one thing being a bit useless and another being dangerously incompetent, (3) NICU/SCBU post birth isn't as scary as it may seem (go on a tour at your hospital) and given the choice I'd rather have babies that need to be there because they're early and a bit small than poor little things suffering for other reasons. At 32 weeks there shouldn't be any real problems other than perhaps them needing a little breathing support for a few days at first. They'll be small but my goodness they grow quickly. Ours still shouldn't have been born yet and are already doing all the things you'd expect of a newborn and more. It's scary but be positive. If you want reassurance along the way, don't be shy about booking regular private scans if your situation allows. Just make sure that you're with a consultant that you trust and has MCMA experience.

DestinyB Mon 06-Jan-20 13:36:51

I have just found out I am having MCMA twins, by having a private scan, I am exactly 6 weeks (one of the twins is measuring a day behind), both with heartbeats.

The sonographer was very quick to tell me about all the risks of monochorionic twins, which has really worried me. She did say although they were in the same sac, they had implanted quite far apart, which was apparently a good thing?

She mentioned the pregnancy will be classed as high risk and the NHS highly monitor this type of pregnancy, also that the babies will need to be delivered early by Caesarean section at around 32 weeks to reduce complications?

I have tried to research the sort of antenatal extra care required for MCMA twins, however can only really find information from America.

I have my booking appointment with the midwife at the end of the month, I have read that many hospitals have never even come across these pregnancies and may not necessarily know how to deal with them? I live in London.

I would be really grateful if somebody could provide some information on the extra NHS care, such as what is to be expected, also what to mention to my midwife to ensure I do get the correct care?

Thank you!

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