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Cosleeping with 6mo twins

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Graciescotland Sat 26-Sep-15 20:48:36

Currently my Dtd and I share a double bed with a cotbed alongside with the side off. Generally there's one in bed with me and one in cotbed at night and I switch around depending on whose hungry; am bf. They're now a bit more mobile and I need to rethink sleeping arrangements. Would love to hear what anyone did in a similar situation.

lamprey42 Mon 28-Sep-15 20:23:53

We had the same set up but found when they became mobile they didn't stay in side car and just crawled into bed. Eventually dh moved into spare room so we had space (co-sleeping was only way I survived night feeds and working). At 18 months we night weaned them and moved them onto a double futon in another room. Other people I know had success with a single and double mattress pushed together to make big floor bed.

arghhelpme Tue 03-Nov-15 17:07:36

Not sure if you found a way. I still co sleep with my 1yo twins. They are in my double and I have a mothercare bed guard on each side of my bed to stop them rolling out. They do wake up and stand up rocking on the guards but i'm wide awake by the time they do that so can stop them before they try jumping out.

zeeka Fri 29-Jan-16 16:20:33

I co-slept for 3-4 years with mine. I used cots (unused!!) to fence them in first, and then got rid of the bed frame and just had a mattress for several years. I child proofed the room (all furniture bracketed, no stuff on low shelves) so even if they went exploring it was fine. After the 3-4 years I just moved to another room and left them to co-sleep together!

zeeka Fri 29-Jan-16 16:43:26

Oops didn't notice this was quite an old post!

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