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Am i actually going to burst?!

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Kickedinthetits Tue 25-Aug-15 14:21:11

I'm 29 weeks. Two babies, each weighing 3lb this week. My tummy feels so stretched and I can't imagine it could possibly stretch any more. I'm bigger than I was at 40 weeks with dd. What if my skin just... bursts?

Ginxed Tue 25-Aug-15 21:20:38

I remember this feeling so well, everyone told me I would miss my bump but I never did miss it, I just remember feeling so stretched and horrible.

Have you tried moisturising it so it feels a bit more supple? At 29 weeks you're nearly there though, good luck!

TheEagle Sat 29-Aug-15 15:31:23

I was so sure I was going to burst or that the scar at my old bellybutton piercing was going to separate and my tummy would come pouring out!

Neither of those things happened thankfully smile

My sister came to see me at about 26 weeks and she said my bump was definitely bigger than it was at 37 weeks with DS1.

My now 19 week old twins were born at 35+6 and weighed 5lb 13 and 5lb14. I was enormous.

The relief when they were born was instantaneous.

Hang in there, you're very close to the end now and to cuddling your two bundles smile

quesadillas6 Sun 30-Aug-15 21:05:33

I am definitely going to burst. 35 weeks and feel massive. I'm not actually that big for twins I don't think, but they're stuck in my ribs and it's so painful. My ribs are about to explode out of me, I'm convinced of it.

Only a fortnight to go!

GlitzAndGigglesx Sun 30-Aug-15 21:25:22

I DO NOT miss carrying twins! People always told me I didn't look "big enough". I bloody felt it though. I think people expect you to be the size of a house with twins. Tbh when they were born 6 weeks ago I couldn't believe they both fitted inside me! They made their departure at 37 weeks weighing 6.6lbs & 6.7lbs. I slathered on moisturiser a few times a day to try and ease the stretchy feeling a bit and it helped. All the best!

Kickedinthetits Sun 30-Aug-15 21:59:58

I have the same feeling about my belly button! Used to have two piercings- one at the top and one at the bottom. Scars closed about 5 years ago but they are stretching. Yuck.
I've got one breech baby with her head right under my belly button and one transverse under my ribs which isn't helping.
This is very hard.

RockerMummy184 Sun 30-Aug-15 22:58:16

Ooh it is awfully painful isn't it?!
I can't believe I ever complained about the rib pain I had with DS when his foot became stuck under them.
I really do think that labour is going to be a breeze compared to the 9 months of hell that growing and carrying 2 babies has been! (Ha!!)
Glitz your babies were a fantastic size! My singleton was only 6lb14 at 42 weeks. Go you! smile
kicked I have 1 breech and 1 cephalic so not as bad as your transverse, but bad enough when they both try to stretch out at the same time and your lungs/bladder both take a hit. I bet it looks really attractive when you piss yourself and simultaneously can't breathe! (Lucky DH!) grin

TheEagle Mon 31-Aug-15 13:34:44

The transverse is the toughest! One of mine was transverse until about 28 weeks and my tummy and ribs suffered so much.

At the end my breech baby's head was clearly visible through my bump which was bizarre grin

It really is amazing how much our bodies can accommodate! I'm still never having any more though.

ImperialBlether Mon 31-Aug-15 13:41:54

My sister had two sets of twins and each twin was over 7 lbs. Just saying for your next pregnancy, OP!

TheEagle Mon 31-Aug-15 18:21:00

Two sets of twins <faints>

This is why DH has to get the snip!

GlitzAndGigglesx Mon 31-Aug-15 18:43:14

The thought of two sets absolutely terrifies me!

ImperialBlether Mon 31-Aug-15 19:06:53

They thought she might always produce two eggs. The way to find out was to get pregnant again - she refused grin

Kickedinthetits Tue 01-Sep-15 15:44:30

No chance! I'm getting sterilised. We've already got one dd. Three is quite enough for us!

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