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2 month vaccine...

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Rebecca1608 Thu 30-Jul-15 18:05:27

My little ladies are 9 weeks old tomorrow and had their jabs at 1pm this afternoon. They have been fussy since and i can't put them down and haven't taken a good feed since then. How long will they be like this for?!

Xanthius Thu 30-Jul-15 19:21:42

Did they get the new vaccine? I forget the proper name for it, it protects against stomach bugs?

My DD had the first dose was told by the nurse that she would have a dodgy tummy for 24-48 hours but a week later she still was suffering. At the next appointment I declined it.

Rebecca1608 Thu 30-Jul-15 19:32:53

It was the 5 in 1 vaccine and rotavirus too. They are very sleepy. Moany in sleep i woke them for that last feed earlier and they took 4oz not their usual 5/6oz and wouldn't settle then. My DD already has a little tummy bug and don't want this to make her worse.

crazytyke Thu 30-Jul-15 22:55:54

Did u tell the nurse she already had a tummy bug? I wouldn't have thought they'd want to give the rota virus on top.

Rebecca1608 Thu 30-Jul-15 23:07:02

She did know. It was my HV who did my girls jabs but she said my girl should ride it out and because she was a bit sniffly said that a cold could interfer with her guts too and when my girl saw GP the GP said she wasn't keen on prescribing anything as although she was 9 weeks old almost she was only technically 3 weeks old. I said my girls were a bit sicky and bought up a lot of milk after feeds and are a bit refluxy and a different GP had prescribed infant gaviscon and had this made a difference and the pooing had only started around the time she started it but HV and GP both insisted on both my ladies having all jabs and the oral thing too. Gave me a prescription for calpol and couldn't get rid of me quick enough!

TwinsPlusAnotherTwo Thu 30-Jul-15 23:23:35

No advice, sorry, but just to say that the HV/GP can't insist on anything! You have to give consent. I am very pro-vaccination but have often delayed jabs, or asked for some separately for my twins if I feel it's not right for them.
Yes, vaccinate, but if one has a sore tummy, then you can hold off on vaccinating one of your twins until they are better. Hope your babies are better soon.

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