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So many things to worry about....

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RockerMummy184 Wed 22-Jul-15 12:27:40

Oh dear...I have had a lovely couple of weeks without fretting, but today I have started to panic about all kinds of things again. This is going to be long and rambling and not make much sense, so I will apologise in advance.

First of all, I have 1 very active twin and 1 that is more quiet, at my last 2 scans my sonographer has even commented on how still this baby lays in comparison to the other. This has always been the same so I'm not concerned about reduced movements, but I am now worried that there might be something wrong with the 'quiet' twin when he's born. (I know it's ridiculous since all my scans have been fine!)

Also they have both been growing at almost EXACTLY the same rate since our first scan at 9 weeks. Their measurements are so close that our last scan report predicted just a 2g difference in their weight. (I know these aren't very accurate, but it was reassuring at the time).

I think what is making me panic is that we've been told from the outset there are sooo many risks involved with carrying twins, so now I've got into my head that something bad is going to happen! All the nice news and reassurance seems to have led me to think that something will go wrong now!

Please someone give me a shake and tell me to sort it out. Everything is going to be ok isn't it?

mrsm16 Wed 22-Jul-15 16:38:48

Everything is going to be fine! My twin 1 was way way way quieter from the beginning on all the scans, turns out he was just tucked into a corner and twin 2 was robbing all the space! they are both perfect now and twin 1 is the more wriggly baby twin 2 is so placid!
Weight wise my last scan 2 days before they were born showed only a few ozs difference but there ended up being nearly 2 lb but twin 2 caught up in no time and they are nearly the same size now si nothing to worry about there either! its nerve wracking but you'll be cuddling them before you know it!

Diamondsareagirls Wed 22-Jul-15 19:38:22

I had this with my DTs. My DT1 was quite still and moved fairly slowly whilst DT2 would't stop moving. Now that they are here DT1 is very laid back and calm and DT2 is much more hard work and never sits still. smile If you are ever worried just get checked out but it might just be that you've got a chilled out one and a lively one! x

hollynoble Thu 23-Jul-15 13:57:21

Hi Rockermummy184

I know exactly how you feel! I found it really stressful between week 13-24 because whenever I looked for information on twin pregnancies it was all so negative and I found it very hard to not worry and enjoy it. I'm now 33+2 and am on the 4 week countdown!
My twins have totally changed weight wise. My little boy is at the bottom & he was always bigger. Around 24 weeks they were evening out & roughly the same weight. At the 32 week scan, my little girl who's at the top, now weighs 4lb 4 & my little boy weighs 3lb14. So try not to worry too much about the weights.

Movement wise I could always feel the lower twin more but now that's changed and I feel my little girl more. To be honest I think they are running out of space and I can't tell who's moving! I also think she is stealing all the space as she has more room at the top.

If you feel really worried, chat to your midwife about it but I'm sure it's all fine and one is just quieter smile

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