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exhaustion has returned, not good news!

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RockerMummy184 Sun 12-Jul-15 12:09:32

I know is probably completely normal but the utter debilitating exhaustion that I thought might very well kill me in my first trimester has returned to kick my huge pregnant ass!
I can hardly keep my eyes open. Even just speaking is hard work. Housework and cooking are out of the question. I'm emotional and being ridiculous. My poor toddler is suffering because I just don't have the energy to play all the energetic games he likes, and there's only so much sitting down play you can do before he needs something more physical.
"D"H won't help. He's spending as much time away from the house as possible lately (I think he's got another woman but that's another thread entirely!)
It's making me anxious because I know it's only going to get worse when the twins arrive and I'm worrying how I'm going to cope, which means I'm not sleeping very well, which just starts the cycle all over again.
Any advice? :-(

jenhad84 Sun 12-Jul-15 15:39:22

I found the hardest part of having twins is the pregnancy, hardest thing or ever had to do in my life, so exhausting and painful.

I had the similar exhaustion to you, it didn't happen every day though and did get a little better toward the end - maybe I got more used to it!?

I found eating and drinking lots and I mean lots would help. You need so much more fluid than you think right now.

Best of luck, it's not forever just keep on going!

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Mon 13-Jul-15 09:09:24

Bloody hell, poor you. I'm 23 weeks with twins and have a toddler too. I'm exhausted but making dh pick up lots of the work so I can rest. I've also put dd in nursery a couple of days extra here and there when I'm not at work.

You sound like you maybe don't want to talk about the issues with your dh but if there are issues and you are spending a lot of time feeling angry and resentful, that can be very tiring too. He does need to do some work to help you. Do you have any other family around or other childcare options a couple of days a week?

RockerMummy184 Mon 13-Jul-15 11:58:58

I work 5/6 days a week so the only time I get with DS is on an evening/weekend, but by the time I have done full 9 hr shift at work I am exhausted and I can't really do anything with him apart from bath him and put him to bed (and even then I can't do that properly because I can't carry him up/down stairs with my SPD).

If I ask my husband to take him out on a weekend so I can have a lie down or a nap he makes me feel really guilty because it's the 'only time I spend with him'. I know its not going to be like this forever and as soon as I get to being on maternity leave I will be able to spend all day with him and make up for all this lost time, but at the moment I feel like I'm really letting him down!

I've just sat and cried at work! blush I'm such a mess!

BettyCatKitten Tue 14-Jul-15 12:20:40

Bless you. I'm not surprised you're exhausted flowers
Your DH really needs to step up and take the pressure off you, he needs a stern talking to.

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