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11 month old plus new born twins

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Xanthius Fri 10-Jul-15 06:34:01


I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant with twins due in December, I also have a 6 month old.

I am really stressing myself out about how I will cope.

Anyone else had the same situation?

neversleepagain Fri 10-Jul-15 07:42:56

Not me personally but a good friend had 9 month old twins when her newborn came along! He was born at 29 weeks so she had a very tough time spending time at the hospital with 2 young babies at home. They are all 3 now but she still find it all pretty challenging.

Good luck and congratulations!

TheEagle Fri 10-Jul-15 08:43:14

My DS1 was 18.5 months when our twins arrived - not the same as he could do some things for himself - but he's essentially still a baby.

My friend had a 12mo when her twins arrived. She moved in with her Mum for the first 6 weeks!

Her advice was to get a routine going as soon as possible and stick to it. Especially keep your older child's routine the same because I think that helps them adjust to the new arrivals a bit better.

My best advice would be to line up all the help you can for the early weeks. Is your OH helpful? Basically my OH does everything for DS1 and I care for the twins. We had lots of family help in the early days so I didn't have to worry about cooking meals etc.

Somewhere safe to keep your 11mo while you deal with the twins is crucial IMO. We use a playpen for our older boy because he's into everything and can't be left to his own devices!

There's no denying that it will be a challenge but you'll find ways and means to make things work for you.

My friend's 3 are now 5 and 4 and they are such great friends, it's gorgeous.

Good luck with your pregnancy, try to take it as easy as you can although I appreciate that is not straightforward with another baby in the house.

flippyflapper Mon 20-Jul-15 18:05:26

I did my dd was 11 months old when the twins arrived.
It was a hard few weeks but we are all alive to tell the tale

neolara Mon 20-Jul-15 18:07:36

I would hire a mothers help /teenager to be an extra pair of hands for as much of the time as you can afford.

mayhew Thu 23-Jul-15 20:53:41

Find the address of your nearest nursery nurse training school. They used to look for families for student training placements. Who knows, you might get two students!

cathpip Thu 23-Jul-15 21:03:01

My sister had a 13 month old when her twins were born, it was a bit hectic but at first but they all settled very quickly into a routine.

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