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Twin pregnancy weight gain

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GuybrushThreepwoodMP Sat 04-Jul-15 19:16:48


Just wondering if there is any guidance on 'normal' weight gain. I know approximately how much is healthy overall.

I'm 5ft3 and my bmi was just over 25 at the start of pregnancy, so just above the healthy range. I didn't gain that much in the first trimester- in fact, by 18 weeks, I had gained about 9lb. However in the last 3 weeks I have gained a further 9lb so I suddenly look and feel very very pregnant and my lower back is complaining. Bump was not noticeable 3 weeks ago and now I am about the size I was at 30 weeks in my first pregnancy. It is right for it to suddenly increase like that? I thought it would be more gradual like last time.
I haven't really gained weight elsewhere in my body (apart from waist expanding sideways) and am generally in good health.

So was your twin pregnancy weight gain gradual or did it pick up suddenly? Did it slow down at any point?

Thanks for any advice.

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Sat 04-Jul-15 19:19:05

Should have said, I am eating a good diet, focusing on lots of protein, veg, fruit, good carbs. Not much sugar, lots of good fats (oily fish, nuts, avocado, eggs etc). Probably lots of calories but they are good calories! I've been cycling 50 miles a week until this week when my hips suddenly don't like it anymore.

Ponyboycurtis Sat 04-Jul-15 19:24:09

Not sure how slow or quick I gained weight as I didn't weigh during pregnancy, however, I knew what I weighed at the beginning and at the end and I had gained 2 stone, I lost the first stone without even trying and then worked a bit harder with the 2nd. This was my first pregnancy, not sure if that makes a difference. Baby's weighed 5lb & 5.8lb.

FreeButtonBee Sat 04-Jul-15 19:25:29

I put on a LOT of weight. I think I stopped weighing myself when I hit 4.5st. I have heard that with twins 20lbs by 20 weeks is a GOOD thing and at no stage were any hcp worried about my weight gain (was never mentioned). I was measuring full term by 28 weeks and got to 39 weeks in the end.

I ate basically whatever I wanted - which was a mix of normal healthy food (although more carbs than normal) plus a good smattering of sweet stuff - not junk food but nice cake and pudding when out for dinner. I was v I'll with MS until about 20 weeks so once I was back to eating I enjoyed every mouthful!!

neversleepagain Sat 04-Jul-15 20:26:31

3 stone by the end. Babies plus placenta(s) came in at nearly 17lbs.

KingOfTheStupids Sat 04-Jul-15 22:45:08

I had a high bmi to begin with but really struggled to maintain my weight when expecting the twins even though I was eating loads. By the time they were born, I was 3st lighter than my booking weight. I put loads of weight on afterwards though as my body was so used to eating the extra calories I found it hard to stop!

slippermaiden Sat 04-Jul-15 22:47:54

You will def gain a lot over the pregnancy. I put on 2 stone by the week before they were born and went he weighing more or less the same as I did pre-pregnancy smile

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Sun 05-Jul-15 07:53:58

Thanks all. Fine with gaining however much I need too smile . Was mostly wondering if it was OK that there was darkly any gain until 18 weeks and then it has been so rapid in the 3 weeks since then.

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Sun 05-Jul-15 07:54:11


jenhad84 Sun 05-Jul-15 13:47:05

I managed to put on 4st throughout and ate everything insight toward the end. I lost 2st as soon as they were born and the other 2st has dropped off in the past 4 months.

You won't need a gym membership when you have twins! :-)

Cadenza1818 Mon 06-Jul-15 21:14:07

3st at the end. I ballooned at 30 weeks. I lost the 3st in the first month after birth - it was all babies n placenta etc.

Twicethehugs Mon 06-Jul-15 21:41:09

I think it was fairly gradual. I breastfed and found that feeding twins meant I lost weight quickly afterwards while still eating loads. I got a stretchy support band from a physio (like giant tubigrip) which helped with the back pain.

Jedi1 Tue 07-Jul-15 11:34:02

It can be a sign of an increase on fluid - what sort of twins are you expecting?

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 07-Jul-15 14:58:16


GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 07-Jul-15 15:01:42

Had a scan less than two weeks ago and all was fine then. Growth really stated to pick up a week or so before that.

NinjaPanda34 Tue 07-Jul-15 15:05:05

I had dcda twins, put on 47lbs, and had lost 3 stone in the first 6 weeks after having them (no one tells you about the night sweats losing fluid. Ick) plus, even coming out of the delivery room I had lost 2 stone- 1st of babies, plus two placentas and fluid --and massive bloodloss--Don't worry about gaining too much weight, by the end your stomach will be so squished that you won't be able to finish any meal anyway! Good luck!

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 07-Jul-15 15:14:13

It's want the total amount of weight gain I was concerned about, it was the fact that it started slowly and picked up rapidly around 18 weeks.
I'll assume normal as everything was fine on 20 week scan.

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 07-Jul-15 15:14:24

*It wasn't

FreeButtonBee Tue 07-Jul-15 21:33:30

I think my weight gain ramped up pretty quickly. Had horrendous MS until 20 weeks and was about 5lbs down at 10-12 weeks, then easily put on 2 St in 2 months or so.

ChicBabyP Sun 12-Jul-15 14:55:16

guy, I also didn't put on any weight the first 14 wks or so and since then it's been about a kilo a week, which to me seems a LOT but it's all bump. Can't say any other part of my body has changed much ( except for boobs). Babies were measuring right on target at the last scan so i guess it's normal. I was on the lower side of the bmi when i started though... Maybe your body was using reserves and then suddenly you noticed the weight gain. I'm sure it's normal.
I'm almost the size and weight i was at term with dd and i'm only 22 wks!

andadietcoke Sun 12-Jul-15 14:58:42

3 stone here. Went on fairly gradually I think. My girls were 5.5 and 7.13 though.

What PPs have said about losing it - I'm currently about five stone less than my pre pregnancy weight!!

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Sun 12-Jul-15 18:55:45

Yes, we're the same gestation Chic. God, it is suddenly quite hard compared with last pregnancy. Feel bigger, heavier, more achy. Ugh.

ChicBabyP Tue 14-Jul-15 17:20:47

I know exactly what you mean!!! Some days I find it really hard and it's not like we can relax and take care of our bodies as we both have a toddler to look after too.
My back is really struggling with the weight out front and i find the nights to be difficult.

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