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Tandem feeding as they get bigger

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lendi Tue 02-Jun-15 05:36:35

My twins are now 10 weeks and have been tandem breastfeeding since beginning in rugby hold with harmony duo pillow. In last 2 weeks this has become more difficult due to them getting heavier, rolling off pillow at side and having difficulty staying latched on. They are unfortunately quite colicky, windy babies and also bath have reflux so have to wind them during feeds and prop them upright in front of me in Moses basket after as can't lie flat after feed due to reflux. It is quite difficult maneuvering them now ass I have quite pathetic arm musvles.
What to twin mums do as they get bigger, still taking 20-30 mins sucking time plus 20 min winding and propping up each.

Twicethehugs Tue 02-Jun-15 22:22:26 has photos of different positions for tandem feeding which you might find helpful. I found when they had better head support, more laid back breastfeeding was possible even laying down but sitting up with them more upright might work if colicky? As for your arm muscles, trust me they'll get stronger as your twins get bigger.

baileyslover Tue 02-Jun-15 22:26:09

I wedged pillows under each side of my Brest friend feeding cushion so they rolled towards me rather than off sideways. I fed my guys like this until 13 months. Re arm muscles, I agree they get stronger!

TheEagle Wed 03-Jun-15 08:10:07

There's a really good FB group called "breastfeeding twins and triplets in the UK"

I think it's relatively new but Karen Gromada posts there a bit and the women on there are so helpful.

Mine (6.5 weeks) are like that with the winding as well - I think it's because I have A LOT of milk and they find it a bit hard to deal with the fast flow. I'd love to get to a point where I don't need the brestfriend pillow all the time.

I've read that more laid back feeding can help with wind etc because they're working against gravity (if that makes sense).

Your arm muscles will definitely get stronger!

FreeButtonBee Wed 03-Jun-15 15:57:03

Agree with the wedging pillows and cushions under the feeding pillow plus getting optimal cushioning on my back. It was a proper operation to get me set up! Also I used muslins and rolled blankets to position their heads.

I also used wrist supports for about 3-4 months as my wrists got really really tired and sore from all the one handed lifting.

lendi Thu 04-Jun-15 08:56:50

Thanks so much for advice ladies, have tried done extra pillows either side and that does seem to help a bit to keep them on the pillow and rolled into me.
I had a look at that Facebook group and it does look really useful for tips grin

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