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Induction with twins

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Theunwritten Wed 20-May-15 17:24:20

I've read a couple of threads lately about women who don't like/refuse any internal examinations throughout labour.
This has inspired me to ask about your birth stories when having twins (vaginal birth)
I'm hoping to avoid a c-section as much as possible mainly due to the recovery time (obviously I know if twin 1 is breech then I will need one)
But my consultant has told me that if this is the case and I don't need a section, then I WILL be induced at 37 weeks, monitored closely and will possibly need twin 2 turning after delivering twin 1
Also, because I have said I don't want an epidural, the consultant went on to say that I would have to have one in place (even if they don't actually administer the drugs) 'just in case'
I remember the not so pleasant internals throughout my last two labours and wonder if it would be achievable to give birth to twins without having to be prodded and examined numerous times before they actually arrive!
Has anyone refused these examinations and gone on to have two babies born without the need for forceps?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just keen to see if it's normal to be 'told' what will happen without even being allowed to try first!

Twicethehugs Wed 20-May-15 20:01:08

I was induced and had an epidural which was good as ended up having an emergency C Section as heart monitor showed one twin showed signs of distress. It's my only pregnancy so had nothing to compare it too, which may have been a good thing. I was just glad they were ok and I was prepared for whatever happened.

RockerMummy184 Wed 20-May-15 21:22:21

Totally marking my place here as I am in much the same boat as you.
I have a toddler so want the quickest recovery possible, I have also asked if I could have the epidural fitted but no drugs administered unless it is ESSENTIAL.
With regards to turning twin 2, I have read a lot of people saying they want a csection so this doesn't have to happen, however I'm not particularly phased by this (I had to have my placenta manually removed after ds...think 3 hours with someone up to their elbow inside you) as it will only take a matter of moments, rather than weeks of potential csection recovery.
Also hoping that if I need to be induced they will try with the pessary option first to start things more naturally, rather than the gung-ho ARM and straight on the drip method they used on me last time!

DayLillie Wed 20-May-15 21:37:55

I didn't want to be interfered with but was told that there was no way I would not have to have the epidural.

As it happened, there was no time, I had one fumbly internal and otherwise had both babies normally, in spite of the hospital's best endeavours. I recommend going into labour in the early hours and giving birth fast wink I have described it on another thread. My T2 may have been turned - there was a rather rough assessment of her position between babies, but the registrar seemed surprised she was head first, so maybe not. Nobody told me.

They seem a bit quick with the induction. I was told I would only be induced if there was a problem with one twin growing at the expense of the other. Otherwise, if everything is ok ,they left you to go into labour naturally. In fact, my hospital was so laid back, they booked my friend in for a cs at 39 weeks because their list was full. She went on to have an emcs the day before and had two normal sized full term boys.

Randomcafe Wed 20-May-15 22:11:58

Seems like a good compromise to me to have the epidural in place just in case you decide you do want it. I'm sure there are plenty of people who have successful twin births without any intervention, but the medical staff have to make you aware of all the risks for you and your babies and advise accordingly. Where the risks are higher they probably are going to be more forceful in this advice. You can't be told to do anything, but you are fortunate to have options so keep them open.
Hope you are able to have the birth that you want, but you never know how things will turn out when the time comes.

Randomcafe Wed 20-May-15 22:24:35

Oh and my induction at 38 weeks was pretty quick, about 14 hours. Pessary worked well, no hormone drip needed, both head down and was looking all good for straightforward births. However they broke my waters and this set off continuous contraction which wasn't much fun, so I was very glad the anaesthetist was on hand for an epidural. Forceps for both.

mrsm16 Sat 06-Jun-15 06:30:05

I was induced at 36+4, internal at 36+3 with a sweep,waters broken at 36+4, around 4 internals during in the space of 6 hours but mainly because I asked for them! got the epidural (which didnt work) but again I wanted it. After twin 1 was born had 2 doctors using external and internal manipulation to keep twin 2 head down, no forceps or anything like that and while it wasn't pleasant it was only for a few minutes!

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