Twin birth option - experiences pls!

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Jenbird5891 Tue 05-May-15 13:13:44

Hi I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant with my first babies DCDA b/g twins and until now have been putting off any decisions about the actual birth! I've next scan and antenatal apt at hospital next week and think they will prob start asking about preferences. Presenting twin has been head down from the start and so far have had no problems with the pregnancy (touch wood). My initial instinct when finding out it was twins was a elcs but having read etc it seems the general advice is that vaginal birth is still very much Poss unless there are other complications. The second twin has been breech and was transverse at last scan but the hospital don't seem to worry about position for twin 2 as they can turn them..... My question is really what are other twin mum experiences of birth? I think my worry is about how horrendous the turning of twin 2 could be in reality if needed and scared it could end in vaginal birth plus emcs. On the other hand don't want to insist on elcs just because I'm irrationally scared of what might happen and regret not trying vaginal birth. Also what if I get to 38 weeks and they induce? At that point is induction plus epidural and potential assisted delivery is that going to be more traumatic than a planned Cs?! Basically I need a crystal ball! But any real life stories might help! Just want everyone to be healthy at the end of it really ��

neversleepagain Tue 05-May-15 13:24:26

Go with what ever happens. When they are born you really won't care how they were delivered. My twins are coming up for 3, I don't ever think about their birth and wish it had been differerent.

Good luck!

KatharineClifton Tue 05-May-15 13:34:37

I had 15 hours labour then they did an emcs anyway as twin 2 went into distress. I left it late asking for a epidural, they took their merry time, and it only worked down one side anyway. If I were to do it again (which I would never do because 13 years later it all seems way too traumatic to repeat) I would of loved an elective and been there at the birth so to speak. I had no idea about gas and air and wasn't offered any pain relief, the whole thing was hell really.

TobikkoRoll Tue 05-May-15 13:46:58

My twins were breech and transverse, never changed positons and I had an elective at 37 weeks. Various friends had vaginal delivery (both heads down; head down and breech - midwife turned twin2 and he was born safely) or c sections for their twins. I don't personally know anyone who had to be induced with twins, practically everyone I know with twins didn't make it pass 37 weeks at most.

Check out what your consultant and team think, what they normally do, how many twin/multiple births they handle etc. Good luck!

Graciescotland Tue 05-May-15 14:08:18

I went with vaginal for my MCDA twins seven weeks ago; was great one to one care throughout, doctors came in for the birth, instant epidural and when it wasn't working on one side she came back topped it up and worked with me to make sure it was working properly. I was induced at 36 weeks and there were no forceps/instruments etc. It was actually a really nice experience far better than my previous two births.

JustAStormInADCup Tue 05-May-15 16:16:37

I had a vaginal birth, induced at 36 weeks. Twin one was head down, twin two was breech. All was straight forward and a really positive experience.

See what you consultant recommends.

Cadenza1818 Tue 05-May-15 16:53:42

I wouldn't decide either way. Mine were head down till the end but I had to be induced as I had pre eclampsia and liver failure at 36weeks. Was adamant I wanted vaginally birth but after 2 failed inductions I had a section, so semi planned. I had a great pregnancy too. I'd say enjoy pregnancy and read up on both options smile good luck

TheEagle Tue 05-May-15 16:58:57

I was booked for an ELCS because I'd had a very traumatic birth with my DS and I really didn't want to be in an emergency situation again.

Twin 1 then turned into a breech position around 32 weeks so that cemented my choice.

In the end my waters broke at 35+6, by the time I got to hospital I was 4cms dilated. Twin 1 was a footling breech so it was an EMCS in the end.

All went very quickly and very smoothly and all 3 of us were healthy and well.

Be guided by your doctors but be prepared for the unexpected.

Pack your bags, rest as much as possible and look forward to cuddling your gorgeous twins smile

TooBusyByHalf Tue 05-May-15 17:10:34

I was booked for elcs at 38 weeks, reluctantly but consultant not keen on VBAC with twins. Went into labour at 37 weeks when I happened to be in the hosp. After a slow 6 hours of no dilation the team that came on at 10pm said best to grab the theatre soon as there was a risk of a long night with 3 potential emcs on the cards. I didn't fancy being up all night and having a stressful emcs at 6am with a knackered team of medics - which was more or less what happened with Dd1 so I said yes and they were born just after midnight. No regrets. Whereas after dd1's birth I was traumatised for years.

crapfatbanana Tue 05-May-15 17:32:56

My situation was like yours Jenbird - DCDA b/g twins, with first twin head down. I opted for a vaginal delivery because I was scared of surgery.

I was induced at 35w because of pre eclampsia and labour was smooth and fairly quick. I had an epidural but felt enough sensation to be able to push. My twin two was breech and was born vaginally 'hands off'. She needed assistance after she was born, which was frightening but probably only lasted two to three minutes actually.

I had an episiotomy because of twin one's distress during pushing, so had stitches, but other than that it was not a bad experience and aside from BP issues I recovered quickly.

I had another set of twins four years on, who were also b/g with twin one head down so again I opted for vaginal birth. Pregnancy was easy with no probs and labour was spontaneous at 37 weeks. I only had two hours of contractions before pushing and an hour of it was spent siting an epidural because twin two was transverse and there was a chance she needed turning. As it happened she did need turning as she was oblique; the registrar performed an internal podalic version (grabbed baby by legs inside me and moved her around) and a breech extraction. It sounds hellish, but actually it wasn't painful, just very weird. The baby was grand and my recovery was swift - I had a couple of stitches.

Basically it's impossible to know how it will go as there are so many variables, but just go with whatever feels right to you. I was so afraid of surgery that elcs was not a consideration for me and I turned down a place on a global twin birth study in case I was randomly assigned to the cs group, but lots of women feel anxious about vaginal birth with twins because they fear for bad outcomes for twin two. I'm not sure what the findings of the study were, but it was conducted by the University of Toronto about five years ago if you want to look it up.

Good luck x

Jenbird5891 Tue 05-May-15 18:25:56

Thanks everyone for your input. Im going to just wait and see at next scan but will prob go down vaginal route unless recommended otherwise by consultant. It's just impossible to predict as u say so may as well trust in the professionals and see what happens! I know we will all be monitored closely so if there are any problems then cs is still an option. It's just a lot more to factor in than a singleton birth and i know options for water birth etc are pretty much out of the question not that I would want one anyway! I'm feeling excited about it on the whole Just hoping they will stay put until 35 weeks as DH is out of the country until then (armed forces!!) just to add an extra bit of uncertainty!! smile

jaykay34 Wed 06-May-15 07:13:56

I was induced with twins. In my head I imagined a peaceful, natural birth with gas and air... (i was young and a bit naive) - it ended up being 30 hours long with 6 top ups of epidural and much medical assistance. Twin 2 was born by c-section.
I spent years with regrets - wished I'd refused induction, wished I'd refused epidural, wished I'd gone for ELCS.
However, I now realise that I had unrealistic expectations and was a bit blinkered by it all.
Some people have great twin births - all experiences are different and each case is individual - so do your research and see what your consultant thinks.
Good luck with everything, and congratulations thanks .

littlesupersparks Wed 06-May-15 07:16:52

I had a quick and easy twin birth 2 weeks ago. First twin born head down, second footling breech. There was never any question of turning her - I would have been much less comfortable with that. Are you sure they will want to turn your second twin?

littlesupersparks Wed 06-May-15 07:18:07

I had a diamorphine injection and things moved quicker than expected - I has no time for gas and air let alone an epidural!!

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