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Bonding moments

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dicko1 Sat 25-Apr-15 21:57:45

So this morning i got a very rare treat of me and all three of my 7month triplets cuddling up in my bed, my partner got out and they fell back asleep until 9.15. As much as i cherished this moment it did make me wonder wether being multiples they do miss out on the bonding. My oldest whoes now 3 used to often come in bed with mummy and daddy in a morning yet it was the triplets first time this morning and even then only one was actually snuggled up to me.

jaykay34 Wed 06-May-15 07:00:02

Wow...triplets smile .

I have also wondered this since having a singleton, 11 years after I had my twins.
As the twins were my first, I didn't really realise how different having just the one is. I do feel that I have enjoyed moments with him, that I didn't with the twins when they were babies ie night feeds/weaning/bath time - and I realise it took longer to bond with the twins. You don't really get that individual time with them, like you do with a singleton.
I have mentioned it to a couple of HV's who have agreed that bonding is easier with one.
Saying that, as the twins grew older, I found them far more enjoyable and the fact that they were multiples smile .

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