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how am i doing???

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heathermummy1314 Sun 28-Dec-14 21:38:15

Hi I'm completely new to this and would just like some general advise. Im 22 and the mummy of 3, i know shocking but whats more shocking is i have a 1yr old and twin boys at 4months old! Busy busy busy! I feel like i dont have enough hours in the day to play with any of them properly just 2 minutes here or 3 minutes there... should i be doing more?

letsplaynice Sun 28-Dec-14 21:40:58

If they are clean, warm & fed your doing fab anything else is a bonus grin

slightlyinsane Sun 28-Dec-14 22:31:26

You have my admiration, I have 5 kids my twins are 7 months and I can't imagine adding a 1 yr old on top of them. I agree with letsplaynice, only change I'd make is cleanish, I've given up with mine by lunchtime.
I'm told the first 2yrs are the hardest so be kind to yourself, your going to go through phases where everything seems to be working well then 1 or more will start playing up for a while then it will settle.
Try giving yourself the day off from the day to day rubbish and spend the day playing and snoozing if they ever sleep at the same time, the rubbish will still be there tomorrow.

Opheliabumps Sun 28-Dec-14 22:40:25

I only have twins and I remember sobbing when they were a week old as I hadn't managed to find time to bath them yet sad I also remember feeling guilty about not having time to play with them much.

Well, they're 5 now, we have loads of time to play, do craft, baking etc, and they don't remember those stressful first few months. As far as they can remember, I've always been there spending time with them.

You are doing a great job, and it will get easier, I promise! Relax your cleaning standards, pay a cleaner if you can possibly afford it, and accept all offers of help from friends and family.

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