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Identical twins - 21% size discrepancy at 20 weeks

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gplustwins Wed 17-Dec-14 05:47:48

Hi ladies, I am 20 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls. At 20 week scan yesterday, they told us there is a 21% discrepancy in size between the two and I need to go back in another week for a further scan to monitor for ttts. Their bladders both appear normal, as do their hearts, however the larger twin has slightly more amniotic fluid than the other. Has anyone else experienced this and what was the outcome? Does the size discrepancy ever rectify itself? I'm feeling terrified and helpless at the moment....!

MEgirl Wed 17-Dec-14 13:38:23

Hugs, sorry to hear that you find yourself in this situation. Don't have any advice. I had a very short scare but mine are now 15 and coming up for 6 foot.

Tamba have a TTTS co-ordinator. Might be worth getting in touch with her if she is still in post:


slightlyinsane Wed 17-Dec-14 23:32:40

Hi, sorry to hear you are going through this.
Do you have the measurements for the fluids? Which hospital are you under?
If you are on Facebook there is an amazing private group that can answer all your questions, give advice or just keep you company. Search for twin to twin transfusion syndrome- UK parents. It's a closed group due to the sensitivity of the topic.
My girls were born with undiagnosed ttts, they arrived with a 16% size difference.
Unfortunately size difference can be an indicator of igur or sigur again the fb group have loads of info on that.
There's no quick easy answer to potential ttts and it is a waiting game. Familierise yourself with the signs and symptoms to look out for, drink plenty of water and it has been suggested that a high protein diet can help.
Please just ask if you have any questions. Xx

MEgirl Thu 18-Dec-14 00:23:56

I've just been looking at the Tamba Facebook page for something unrelated and noticed that there are lots of TTTS stories there. I haven't looked at any of them so I don't know if they will help or upset.

slightlyinsane Thu 18-Dec-14 00:27:42

Tamba will have plenty on ttts at the moment as they've just launched their newfundraising campaign for ttts.

shelfontheelf Thu 18-Dec-14 10:56:44

I had successful treatment for TTTS and at the time I think they said size difference greater than 15% is a marker for TTTS an needs to be investigated.

Are you under a foetal medicine centre and how do you feel in yourself? If your bump suddenly hardens, or gets a lot bigger or you are feeling breathless they can all be indicators of TTTS.

The TTTS group on Facebook is a good resource but by the nature of it there are more people with sad stories than good, I found it too upsetting and had to leave.

shelfontheelf Thu 18-Dec-14 10:58:31

Sorry, posted too soon.

Sorry you are going through this and happy to answer any questions you have.

TAMBA has lots of resources including links to NICE guidelines etc. as someone else said they have just launched their TTTS awareness appeal.

bubby64 Sat 03-Jan-15 01:26:57

I had t2tts with my boys and had the in vitro laser treatment done at 26 wks to separate some of the vessels. I was one of the first pregnancies this was attempted on, but it was the only option I had of one or both my boys durbiving, and this did work to a large extent. They were just 29+2was when they decided they wanted to be in the world, and dts was 3lb 3, whilst dts2 was 2lb 2. I think back to the worry they caused us, just as you are worrying now. There is so much they can do now, and the different ways of treating t2tts have come on by leaps and bounds. My boys are now strapping great 14yr olds with size 7 feet and the teenage attitude to match!

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