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More after twins--what age gap is better, 2 or 3 years?

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Linguaphile Fri 14-Nov-14 00:11:13

We want a third, but are struggling to know whether we should wait a year (resulting in a 3 year gap) or if we should just try for one now (2ish year gap). Don't want to wait much beyond 3 as we're keen to just get the baby stage out of the way, so really the sooner the better.

I'm just wondering because although it would seem that an extra year might do us some good in terms of the twins' behaviour and capabilities, I've been hearing a lot of stories recently about how age 3 was worse than 2 and how doing the nursery run with an newborn is harder than just having them all at home.

Advice? Would you go for it now or would you wait another year?

Linguaphile Wed 19-Nov-14 11:00:48


harrygracejessica Fri 21-Nov-14 20:17:27

I had a 2.5 year age gap (wasn't planned) and ended up twins again lol.

MultipleMama Sat 29-Nov-14 11:53:58

I ended up with a 13 month gap, and like harrygrace, it was twins again, and then an unexpected PG gave us a 12 month gap.

I wanted small gaps just because it would have been easier to have them all home and because we wanted them to grow up close and play with each other, however I sometimes wish the gaps between the 5 were bigger just because of unexpected situations and having them in nursery would have made looking after 1 or 2 at home slightly easier.

I guess it just depends on if you think you could cope/handle all of them at home all day.

My 2 year olds are in toddler school so I'm not running around after 2 sets of twins all day! grin

jerryfudd Sat 29-Nov-14 12:29:47

21 months between twins and third. Hard work but doable (I dye my greying hair though ��)

Cadenza1818 Mon 08-Dec-14 07:22:02

I had exactly 2 years after my twins. O was terrified it'd be twins again though. I wanted 4 but it was the logistics! Mine are 5 and 3 now and even though it was really hard during pregnancy and 1st six months I love it now. They're all close barely squabble and play lovely tog. Downsides is that I feel like I didn't enjoy twins from about 18mon - 2.5years cos I was so tired! X

QueenofKelsingra Tue 09-Dec-14 16:24:15

We're about to TTC No.4. if I fall PG straight away again DS1 will be 5.8 and DTs will be 3.4 when DC4 is born. I'm scared of doing it again as the DTs still seem so young but I cant wait any longer or the gap will be too big!

DS was 2.4 when DTs arrived and I wouldn't have wanted him much younger, he was able to walk, bring nappies, hold a bottle etc.

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