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Holiday with 22mths old twins?

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Cornwall73 Fri 10-Oct-14 12:18:33

Hi all, looking to book a family holiday in Europe in May 2015. We have very lively B/G twins who will be 22mths and ideally would like somewhere which provides some level of childcare so we can get a bit of a break as well as spend time as a family.

Pre kids we would have run a mile from resorts as we are quite adventurous and well travelled but now acknowledge that with toddler twins we will need some help so we can get some rest too!

Hiring out a place and taking family to help out is not an option.

I have done a couple of searches and have come up with:
Scott Dunn
Country-Kids in France
Sani Resort in Greece

Any I have missed?
Have any of you been to the above with under twos and what did you think?

Linguaphile Fri 10-Oct-14 14:44:33

We did Eurocamp with our 9 month olds last summer, and it was absolutely brilliant. Not posh, but the Safari tent was good, comfortable fun and no maintenance. There is loads of kids' stuff available (clubs, swimming lessons, playgrounds, etc); some parcs have babysitting services, and for us they put in two free cots and two high chairs without batting an eye. It was quite a cheap and low-stress way to enjoy a holiday. We're seasoned travellers, so I'm under no delusion that it was an adventure holiday, but ended up being very enjoyable for all involved. Bonus, we're using what we saved on summer hols for a posh no-kids long weekend in Vienna this autumn, which is nice. smile

Cornwall73 Fri 10-Oct-14 15:22:53

Hi Linguaphole, long time no see! Can't believe that this time next year we had tiny babies!

Thanks for your suggestion, I'm afraid that camping is DH's idea of hell and I have only ever been glamping for one night. A weekend away in Vienna, sigh that brings back memories! we would love to do something like that but nobody lives anywhere near to have the kids and strangely enough grandparents are not keen on extended childcare of twins! A trip to the park during visits is as much as I have got out of them! How are your two doing? Ours can be very full on and lively. Absolutely loveable children but walking/running since they were 11.5mths and very curious and independent.

SoggyOldBiscuit Sun 12-Oct-14 16:02:48

Mark Warner have good childcare. You will need to pay extra for it as the twins are under 2 but it will be about £360 extra to put them in just for the mornings or afternoons.

They also do an early dinner at 5pm for kids and then, if you want, you can drop the kids at a crèche later while you have your own meal. Or you can take the meal to your room if the children are tired.

We haven't been on a Mark Warner holiday since the DTs but did go when we only had two DC & it was the nearest to a proper break that we have had since having children. It was lovely.

NotRightNowww Tue 14-Oct-14 19:20:44

We went to Sani with a 1yo. It was beautiful and quite easy with one dc (restaurants relaxed, etc) but we didn't use any childcare there so can't comment on that. Lovely place though I did feel slightly trapped in the resort!

Martinhal in Portugal is also lovely but quite expensive too. We had a car there so could get out and explore with dc.

There are usually lots of opinions on child friendly holidays on the travel threads, might be worth checking there too.

littlesupersparks Sat 10-Jan-15 07:31:26

Eurocamp isn't really camping though!!! I don't think we will make it this year as expecting in April but I suspect it will be top of the list summer 2016! I would never have considered kids club etc before but will have 6yo, 4yo and twin
1yos by then!

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