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D'ya ever wonder... [enter witty phase here]

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MultipleMama Thu 15-May-14 19:45:55

We fill these up fast! grin

Chopstheduck Thu 15-May-14 20:14:17

<shakes out the shag pile, runs round with the Hoover and rolls in the tea trolley. Home made Black Forest gateau anyone?>

MultipleMama Thu 15-May-14 20:15:28

Myself, DH, K & A are left handed. They only problem I had/have is being unable to write in a straight line if not writing on lined paper, I also have to have the paper at an angle, even lined paper. I've noticed that K has started doing this. A sometimes "attempts" to write backwards. I think the twins are left-handed.

I think children who are left-handed write backwards is easier because to write "correctly" it involves contorting the hand into a weird position - almost looks like a hook/crab shape which takes practice.

Chops - It was a Hockey fitness test and 2 hours on ice. (Was the day before yesterday - losing track of days! Haha)

How are you lovely ladies today? Xx

MultipleMama Thu 15-May-14 20:16:21

I'll take some of the cake! Mm yum.

shabbs Thu 15-May-14 20:20:10

<<finds a corner to rock in>> Evening ladies!!!

MiniSoksMakeHardWork Thu 15-May-14 20:29:00

<scatters Lego artfully across shag pile, glares at dh who has decided to start ironing while I try and settle the children to sleep - over an hour and a half now - and then has the cheek to moan I didn't put the tea on>

I'm in a foul mood right now. Jen went to sleep easily. Joshua has terrorised the bedroom, Emily was trying to so her homework (badly) while dh was putting the washing out and James was begging for a story while I was helping Emily with her work. Ended up hurtling upstairs as there was a loud bang followed by eerie silence. Thankfully was just Joshua pulling a particularly large book off the shelf. But then of course in trapped trying to get him to stay in bed and then call for the big two to come up. James hasn't had his tablets (usually has them around 6 and I'm always out then on a Thursday). How ducking hard is it to remember to give him the tablets when I'm not there. I'm going to have to do a check list aren't i?

Aaaaaargh! (And dts are off again so off I go again). And breathe!!

triplets Thu 15-May-14 22:58:01

<< knocks loudly as someone is hovering the shag pile>>
evening all, Mama is this a competition for a new thread title you have set up, I have entered mine back to you grin
or is this it?
I am already confused
I have the mother of all migraines and a very sore wisdom tooth sad
But there is good news.............da da..............
Dk got his ct san result today and he is still in remission.............two whole years smile Sooooooo we are thinking of risking a proper holiday this summer, no scan for another 6 months, and maybe the last holiday together if the boys go off in Sept................makes me sad just thinking about it sad

triplets Thu 15-May-14 22:58:35


MultipleMama Fri 16-May-14 00:35:39

That's bloody brilliant news, Trips!

No competition just couldn't think of something witty to add to the thread title! Haha.

I also have good news; Apollo is being discharged on Monday! smile

triplets Fri 16-May-14 05:58:16

Oh Mama how wonderful, what a strong little fighter he is, so very relieved and happy or you!

Morning all smile

MiniSoksMakeHardWork Fri 16-May-14 06:33:13

Morning! Woke in a slightly better mood. Off to gp today for meds review and a list of other grumbles as long as your arm...

Yay mama. That is good news. How did the visit with the in-laws go?

Recapping the leftie from last thread, spoke to teacher who said they had noticed the same with writing back to front. Particularly in spelling tests... angry For not mentioning it when I've previously raised concerns.

Anyway, they are going to speak to their literacy lead and see what she suggests as I am concerned enough that Emily is feeling forced into writing right handed when she would be better left. I've found some left handed writing work sheets on line so will be adding them into her homework routine and school are going to look into the same. There is also a wealth of books out there teaching best writing practice for left-handers so am going to see if our library has any I can borrow before committing to buy.

Can't believe my biggest boy will be 4 tomorrow. Best get on with baking his cake!!

triplets Fri 16-May-14 06:50:06

soks I am left handed, but can use my right for ironing etc, never found it problem and I don`t write with my hand hooked! I remember at school the only problem I had was that I often smudged the ink! No one should be forced to swap if that's the way thats right for them!

MultipleMama Fri 16-May-14 07:54:01

What I also find annoying (when I was at school) is that they hardly had any left-handed scissors and using the right-handed ones used to hurt my knuckles.

I found a lot of good left-handed work sheets online. I hope you have some success sok smile

What I found that helped; especially when they're in that learning phase is left-handed stationary. It makes things a little easier. For K we use, a left-handed pen, a left-handed ruler, and left-handed scissors.

The visit went as good as it could've been. MiL did get emotional including the waterworks and kept asking "whats wrong with him" every time his sats moniter went off. FiL sat there quietly holding Apollo's left hand. A lovely moment to witness. They stayed for 30 minutes and then dad visited and held me as I finally broke down in tears. So a good drama free visit smile

shabbs Fri 16-May-14 07:56:13

Fantastic news Trips - chuffed to bits for you and H, and the kids. xx

Good news about A as well Mamma xx

MultipleMama Fri 16-May-14 14:58:11

DH & I got another piercing, today. He gor his other nipple done and I got another one on my ear. DH had a body modification done this morning and his poor mouth/tongue has swollen and he's been put on a liquid/soft food diet grin.

Struggling with heartburn, today, or something similar; lump in throat (makes drinking & eat uncomfortable), excessive swallowing, belching and the list continues...

triplets Fri 16-May-14 16:25:04

<<<shudder at nipple piercing >> oh Mama I can`t bear the thought of it in fact I feel sick ...........what on earth is body modification?? It may be better not to tell me..........

MultipleMama Fri 16-May-14 17:13:12

Trips, it involves the tongue and a laser. I'll leave it at that! grin

I've had both nipples but took them out when I start breastfeeding! smile

Is it wrong that I just want to dump the kids on someone else for the day? I am literally worn out and feeling like utter crap, and feeling really short-tempered. The kids are being little angels but the twins are two wooden blocks away from a tantrum.

Eyelet Fri 16-May-14 19:40:48

I promise I'm not stalking but mmama I saw your thread im Chat and wanted to say I've been thinking of your son and hoping he recovers, brilliant news he is coming home, hope his recovery continues x

MultipleMama Fri 16-May-14 20:08:02

Aww, thank you, Eyelet. He's doing amazingly well. I write on so many threads (mainly out of boredom) and forget if I've updated or not xxx

Chopstheduck Fri 16-May-14 20:22:14

Ohh, is it the tongue split thing mama? I've seen that on tv.

I'm not surprised you want a break, it's all been so full on.

Fab news trips! grin

MultipleMama Fri 16-May-14 20:57:29

Yes, Chops. Gladly though, DH hasn't gone extreme with it (size wise.)

bubby64 Fri 16-May-14 21:09:49

Hi Everyone, Nice to see you all here, been on nights s not caught up until now, thanks for the link Mama- and great news about A. I couldnt do the piercing thing, let alone anything more drastic <<shudders>>
Shabbs- are you Ok love? hate to feel you are still sitting in that corner
Trips - Wonderful news about DH
Soks - I mirror wrote when I was young, I'm not left handed tho, it corrected itself after a while.
I had a long chat with DH, ad he has decided to come back on board with J, and he went with both boys on a trip to our local airbase yesterday (its the base for all Apache helicopters are based) and DH stayed with J most of the visit, whilst M went off with his mates father. DH said he and J got on well. Yes Soks- I agree the system is unfair, as he has earned his +ves, but he does know how it works, and he has been warned since Christmas he was going in the wrong direction.
I had my wrist rechecked on Wednesday, and I am back in a caste for a further 4 weeks, blooming nuisence it is too.

triplets Fri 16-May-14 23:36:56

Hi Bubby night sift is a killer isn`t it? Many moons ago I had to work nights, awful........waiting on dark street corner for my lift, that awful period between 2-3am........then when I got home I couldn`t sleep!

MultipleMama Sat 17-May-14 00:04:04

I used to work 12 hour shifts. Days and nights. Around 2-4am I'd start dropping off while the dog slept beside me, and the when I got home at 7am I'd be wide awake...

So, I dumped the kids on my dad and DH, and Artie & I are spending the night at BiL's smile We're currently enjoying a Fast & Furious marathon with cinema style popcorn. Although he keeps glaring at me when I crumbs on his bedsheets.

shabbs Sat 17-May-14 01:56:43

Totally and utterly wide awake...been to bed once, given up and come back down again......bored with it all now!!!

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