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How big was your bump with twins?!

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doubletrouble96 Fri 11-Apr-14 08:27:28

Hi all, I'm pregnant with identical twins, 15 weeks tomorrow and I'm hardly showing! I've noticed that I'm a tad bigger but there's barely any bump at all! It's my first pregnancy, should I be worried?!

Waffles80 Fri 11-Apr-14 09:39:29

Hi there - congratulations! How exciting.

I'm currently 29 weeks, with twins, and have a very small bump. I've been a tad anxious (and mainly just annoyed by incessant comments on the small size of my bump...). At my scan this week the sonographer said the babies are measuring at 27 weeks, but that's not a problem, they're still within normal parameters etc. Also, their position means the bump looks smaller - one is really low with her head between my hips (the sonographer couldn't measure her head for this reason). The rest of her body is slightly diagonal and the second baby is tucked in on the right, slightly above her sister. I bulge on one side!

Anyway, my midwife - who is a multiple pregnancy specialist - says they are both absolutely fine and reassured me that bumps are always different shapes and sizes, babies grow at different rates and that women show differently.

Do you have your next scan booked? I've found the regular scans so reassuring! With MCDA we had a scan every fortnight from 16 -24 weeks, and they're every four weeks from now on.

Hope all is well with you - congratulations again!

Degustibusnonestdisputandem Fri 11-Apr-14 09:43:16

Not very! I'm 5'9" and my ID DTs seemed to stretch right out lengthways, meaning I didn't 'pop out' as much as people expected. They were quite small when born at 36 weeks (3lbs 7 & 4lbs 13), but they're big lively/lovely 2 1/2 year olds now!

slightlyinsane Fri 11-Apr-14 10:05:41

Im30+3 with mcda. I'm freaking huge!!! Everyone carries differently, one size doesn't fit all. With it being your first you will also have better muscles than people like me who have had them demolished by 3 other pregnancies. Aslong as babies are growing well enjoy it. I'm struggling with my size, I can't do anything without difficulty or pain. I would love to reach my feet properly, I haven't done that for ages.

Scrounger Fri 11-Apr-14 10:25:28

I had twins that went to 39 weeks. I didn't look massive, big but not massive and it didn't stop me doing anything that I could do in my previous pregnancy. It was a weird shape though, you knew it was twins if you closely enough and had some experience.

Don't worry you are monitored more as a multiple pregnancy. I was under consultant care with twins so went into the hospital for the scans, I was scanned regularly especially towards the end of the pregnancy as they were concerned about the size of one and kept checking one them. One was 5 lbs and the other 5lbs 10 oz.

andadietcoke Fri 11-Apr-14 10:41:51

I was enormous. I was always measuring about 8w ahead so at 32w looked full term. I was in maternity trousers from about 12w.

I had an ELCS at 38+2 and they were 7lb13 and 5lb5.

Beingfrank Fri 11-Apr-14 10:52:53

Not enormous! Third pregnancy, and they were both 7 pounders born at 38 weeks. Mine are ID and I was scanned so often I lost count. I was also totally staggered by their ability to move around. Towards the end I was scanned weekly, and one twin turned completely between the last two scans. I wouldn't have thought there was room!

doubletrouble96 Fri 11-Apr-14 11:22:00

Thankyou all for your comments! I have my next scan on the 23rd and then again on the 21st of May so hopefully that will put my mind at ease!

Callofthewild Fri 11-Apr-14 20:30:41

I was huge and was full term size by about 24 weeks... I grew out of most of my maternity clothes and mainly wore maxi and midi dresses towards the end. They were born at 38+2 and weighed 6lb9oz and 7lb5oz.

kicksandgiggles Mon 14-Apr-14 09:37:59

I'm 19 weeks with MCDA twins, and look about two months further along than if it was a singleton pregnancy. I've had a noticeable bump since eight weeks! But this is my second pregnancy and I had a huge bump with just DS, so I'm fully expecting to be the size of a planet soon. Try not to worry. They are keeping a close eye on you and will let you know if there's any cause from concern.

Mashoona88 Tue 15-Apr-14 08:52:49

Hola ladies, sorry to butt in on your thread - I've posted this elsewhere with little response and thought you experienced twin bearers might be able to help?! I know I am probably just obsessing - I recently had a m/c so everything feels heightened this pregnancy. Anyway I'm 9+4 and I've properly popped. I've got a feeling that it's twins but had a scan at 7 wks and the sonographer didn't mention.. HOWEVER she was a trainee and tried to put the probe in the wrong hole twice! Seriously, traumatic. She was only looking for a heartbeat and got one, but I'm wondering about the second dark blob bottom right..? Pleeeease can anyone tell me if a twin scan can look like this?! Thanks so much

Mashoona88 Tue 15-Apr-14 11:11:41

Any sonographers out there?! Anyone have a scan at 7 weeks?! Pleease, I'm obsessing!

NigellasDealer Tue 15-Apr-14 11:15:10

OP I had twins and a very neat bump - maybe because I am quite tall and big? they were fine if a bit miniature.

neversleepagain Tue 15-Apr-14 19:39:28

My scan was at 13 weeks and it was very obvious it was twins. You could see both of the tops of their heads. I am fairly certain a sonographer would have pick up it was twins. I am sure they love dropping this bombshell on parents to be grin

Mashoona88 Tue 15-Apr-14 20:15:41

Thanks neversleepagain. I've read twins can be missed at early scans like this 50% of the time and I had a trainee, but suppose it's unlikely they'd print a pic that is notice something on they hadn't! Anyone else have earlier scans that can reassure me?

Mashoona88 Tue 15-Apr-14 20:16:11

*i'd not is

kicksandgiggles Thu 17-Apr-14 10:00:07

I had a scan at 6 1/2 weeks, and it was very obvious it was twins.

SweetieTime Sun 20-Apr-14 20:11:03

This is me at 37 weeks with twins. My twins were born at 38 weeks weighing 6lb 9oz and 6lb 3oz. I don't think I was that big at all considering, so try not to worry OP.

SweetieTime Sun 20-Apr-14 20:14:44

Here is a photo of me at 15 weeks (I took weekly photos of my bump progressing!!!)

stinkypants Sat 17-May-14 22:02:27

I'm nearly 26 weeks and huuuuuge. Very uncomfortable! Lots of indigestion too. Already have 2 dc so probably showing quicker.

rideyourbike Sat 17-May-14 22:09:01

I couldn't do my jeans up by 11 weeks, became very big at the end and had a boy 3.5kg and a girl 3kg. Everyone is different, maybe you will suddenly get big rather than gradually x

Linguaphile Sun 18-May-14 14:25:39

My bump was tiny for twins--I was measuring small by singleton standards at my 28 week appointment. Everyone was always telling me how they would be worried if their bump was as small as mine, which got annoying as the doctor always said the babies were fine! My pre-pregnancy self was 9st10 and 6'0 tall, though, so very and long and lean by nature, and I had trouble with weight gain at the beginning as I was so sick. I think I gained 30 lbs total, most of which I gained in the last trimester, and lost it a few days after giving birth. For all the bump smallness, it grew exponentially in the last 5 weeks and DEFINITELY looked like a twin bump by 37 weeks as it stuck straight out like a torpedo. The babies were a great size for twins as well. They had to induce me in the end, and when I had them at 38 weeks, they were 5lbs11oz and 6lbs2oz.

So... moral of the story is that the bump will get bigger at the end of your pregnancy. Also, a small bump has nothing to do with your babies' health!

LeChatRouge Sun 18-May-14 14:32:18

I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant until I was 21 weeks with my twin boys as I wanted to save the news til Christmas Day. No one noticed, so I guess I couldn't have been that big!

Twins are amazing, hope you love the experience as much as I do!

Ruby1080 Mon 02-Jun-14 09:40:32

I didn't start showing until around 21-22 weeks, and this is my bump on the day I gave birth (37 weeks)

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